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Okay rebecca jane in bridgeport connecticut i don't disagree with you on the on the kids the tip of the spear and all of that i know this is being done on purpose because kids can't be turned away we are compassionate country you see what's happening now with this the supposed illegal separation of families but all of these kids have parents back in el salvador guatemala you are these parents in on this new who do you think is making this happen who is convincing these parents to let their kids go unaccompanied on a train on a bus with an eighty percent chance of some kind of crime happening to these are unaccompanied minors who who who's who's who's telling these parents will let their kids go who's making these parents i i don't claim to know who but i know it's either the cartel that are telling them you know telling them listen we can get weak but it is you know conspiracy takes two more there is a conspiracy to get them here when i when i saw that mexico was in collusion with them to show these children right across their country by the way she's exactly right about that because when you're seeking asylum the first socalled free country you arrive in is where you should apply for asylum that would be mexico in these people's came but they're not stopping there had all the way to the rio grande with the assistance of mexico we know just by virtue of that you know these hostile entities that are coming in they're telling and listen we'll we'll get through we'll get you through to america and that is their sole purpose to get these kids to our shores you know as i said before rush i feel like it's a walking nightmare and it's in slow motion the we're being invaded in slow motion in broad daylight and i see it happening in agree but but see if that's the case and i agree with sodas the president the president tweeted today using that word and i think all reasonable people if you can if you can dissociate yourself from this emotionally and look at this not as a bunch of poor unaccompanied kids but rather what it is going to lead to there's only one conclusion this is an invasion and then you have to say okay who is if you don't want to identify who's who's promoting like somebody has to be getting to these parents to let their kids do this what are we we talk about families being separated donald trump and jeff sessions separating the hell with that who are these parents putting five six eight ten year olds on a train on a mule on a bus on a flatbed truck and sending them on a multi hundred mile journey fraught with who knows what kind of bad actors you wanna talk about family separation so are these families doing this simply because they've got to get you america for a better life and the kids get there that i can someday get their because my guess is that what this is whatever it is why is the left in the united states openly supportive and encouraging and in fact engaging in mob violence to ensure that it continues what is the purpose why is the left such in favor so in favor of this massive invasion of illegal now they would tell you because we have big hearts and we see the suffering and we see the poverty and we see the hunger and if these people can come to our country to make a better life will then who are we does it that's what they want you to think is their motivation i don't believe it the left is never what it seems it's about and it's never what they say they are about and all you have to do is go back and listen to several earn couple random speeches from barack hussein obama and some of his eager beaver supporters and take a look at the special interest groups that are behind all this like la raza and some of these radical leftist socalled immigration think tanks and organization and it's clear to see what is happening and donald trump is identifying it precisely for what it is and is not backing down on it and that is causing these people untold amounts of anger trump is supposed to have caved long ago like republicans usually do anyway jane i appreciate the call very much snack you and we'll be back don't go magic you'll continue on.

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