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You rebels radio presents the two of US shorts with neo me Watterson. Albert, Frederick. High this is naming lattice. Welcome to the US Charts Myself Alba Frederick he's talking to people across the globe about that pandemic experience. On its relationship to creativity, mental health emotional wellbeing. And as always I'd like to trigger warning. These adult shows of the themes will be complex and interesting, and maybe it sometimes be triggering. If you're over ten the disposition today, put this on pause and put market for later saw otherwise dime, right. Today I'm interviewing. My did their Mussa Conga. Who is a broadcaster, writer and musician? Only you said occasional musician on my question that because the reason I questioned that, but don T end. is about creativity and this idea that you have to. Get up everyday to paint a bear painter guess up every day to be a writer and I'm. Behalf fluctuations in our lives for a million reasons, so, does that mean be kind of define ourselves? If we're not doing everyday Bikaner, find ourselves as that. We haven't got a huge. Online following, we made lots of money. So that's why questioned. Let you said occasional while you went straight in love. No good. No, we said we would. Do you know what it is? It's because I have so much respectful. The process on the Croft. That when I see, you're right when I see myself. Making stuff now then is as a part time amateur thing because each time I make music I'm deeply commited I'm. It's weird. I'm I'm passionate about music in a way I. Don't fully express a lot of friends. Like. It's not even my twitter bio. Talk about very much. What I make music I'm deeply passionate about sound about craft. The reason like you love making music is because there's some things you can say with that. You can't see any other way. There's a way that music enters you. Dot that nothing else does and I love having the options putting out some music pretty soon because there's a song I wrote and I'm like well right with Chris so I worked with this project. Kubiak so. I, wanted to talk about the fact that there's so much Prussia. You mentioned the pressure to produce this pressure to produce. There's also pressure society to be positive and be well and be fixed and be better. Know me how you doing you better, you better. Everyone's always you'd better. There's always the sense of like okay like people. Other people get tired. Of Your tiredness and I wanted to do a song which is basically about. It's okay to feel broken. Songs is sabotage spacey about. Always talk about self help actually if I can't help myself. What if I actually destroy myself because I? I've learned. The Bat so many bad things happen that I've been given no cause for optimism. I wanted to do some for those people. Because if think that's quite related, but I think a lot of people will be yeah. I have self-destructive cycles. Yeah, I have like bad patterns of like. Self Management I was like. Yeah, this is for you and. That's not the kind of. You know because of the way. Make Music. It's not the I. would be chatting albums. Every China would be producing albums every year. Every now and again is like I can only say that this song I can only say that particular thing. With eight of music. So yeah. Some sometimes. Not Sometimes, not occasional like you're right. I'm I started correct. You correct me even before. I arrived on the on this conversation's post. Funny, but yeah. I hope you don't feel corrected in an awful way I. No this is no holds barred like you're welcome to ask anything. That's fine. Too Because I am so interested in what you say about self sabotage, and even defining himself as an occasional musician. Is You got so sabotage, but but then. Like you say. Do we want to self sabotage? Ourselves sabotage. You know you can feel crappy by yourself. You One cam. And we can actually call lay, and then we can give ourselves a half time about giving ourselves a time. You know that like the addictive loop synthetic, and that was the liberation from it. The whole thing is about that it's about. Out She, just let it be. It's okay to feel. It's like. These are the things that happened to these things you may have done. The mistakes made. Those mistakes may have arisen from being undermined so often that you made more, and it's okay to still are part of healing. The beginning of heating is dislike. To try to be ashamed of your mistakes to just to try not to be in, it's not even there's not even any pressure to get better this dislike. Knowledge this. Knowledge that yeah, this is the thing didn't go right. But don't be ashamed of it like or trying to be ashamed of it Yet try not to to say this is so i. Am and maybe carry on doing after this after hearing this whatever? People talking to you maybe that you know what? It's okay to acknowledge that, too. But. I would say if anything just acknowledge if you can. But there is a pattern i. think that's the helpful thing because I've spoken to people before going through staff. I've been myself. And the hardest thing the beginning is that. Something has going on. A There is a there is a dynamic, because sometimes it also one thing I say one really keeping I stress in song is. Look people talk about like self sabotage being exhausting that it relates how exhausted positivity can be in familiar his. It's like a muscle you've never used. Says suddenly woke. You haven't walked in ten years. It's like telling someone be competent. Be Positive. You're like what I've never done it. There's no precedent for it. There's no. There's no precedent is actually so much more precedent so much more logical to sabotage because that's all I know and I'm really good at it. So it's honoring people's pain. On People's processes of crating will pay. Dot To. Me feels really important, and that's why it was harder to say that. In text on! It wasn't music for some reason. I think because I found Catharsis in in writing. If that makes sense doesn't make a lot of sense and I think. There's something about releasing something. Comes an entire thing given. To the walls to a an audience. It comes. From Yourself, two hours can also say because I see told. I'm thinking about. Big Things Accountability. And a shame. and. Forgiveness on those already huge moment and this thing hand and. I wouldn't be doing this conversation justice if we didn't talk about the your black man I'm a white woman, and those words have a different resonance for us entirely because of our unique personal and political experiences. And how to level those and. It's let the Hughes topics, and that's why think say music or cultural artifacts Useful story. So they don't. It doesn't become an abstract conversation. It becomes embodied rail. I'm personal like you say. So many things have happened. The tendency to self sabotage gets greater. Am I wonder how much self sabotage? is about making meaning out of chaos. Yeah, it's because then you have If you self-harm. Maybe Mark Yourself you've. You've gained some level of control. Some measure of that I was talking to someone in an abusive relationship. She emerged from it copies ago and she's thinks so much better. Announce shot up to her..

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