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A for by team hopper yet perl mortgage just search t r a f f i x chicago i'm violeta pa dramatic in wgn traffic central the wgn forecast here's tom skilling chicago him for a cold beer tomorrow this raj down the lane of the lake and ships the stage for some lake fictional showers but warming will commences westerly winds bring pacific air back into the area on wednesday tonight partly cloudy she's the bleach yuli load 28 tuesday clouds and mix of sun breezy and chile lake thick snow showers develop high thirty eight tuesday night clowns diminish and cold mid to upper teams inland twenty two o'hare and mid20s at the lake shore and wednesday partly sunny breezy and mild her in the afternoon high forty seven thursday mostly cloudy cool breeze of'soft lake michigan forty five for a high near forty at the lake shore and friday mostly sunny cool again high forty shakes but 48 get along the lake 50s to near sixty expected over the weekend especially on sunday i'm tom skilling and the wgn weather center it is forty four degrees at o'hare midway forty one i tasca fortyfour it's thirty six degrees along chicago's lakefront windsor northwest twenty miles an hour the barometer is rising i'm like in the wgn newsroom readily join the conversation whenever a story changes on chicago's very own seven twenty wgn mm the rogun grow with annan the wants and primera seven twenty wgn.

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