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But I don't think it would have changed things much in this game a bit. And when it came down to a yellow flag with a handful of laps, you would have been back in your guide knowing his experience and he's done a lot of research when he was racing speedway. No, that's all right. Yeah, I thought we were in with a good shout, but yeah, I would charge this many stage away a little bit on that first lap and then go off into the distance, unfortunately that was out. To tessie now, what do you, what's your confidence level? And based on experience, what's your thoughts on that prep? Yeah, it has these are very strange track because it's only really got left hand corners and there's only three of them. So it's quite an odd place to set a car for. So when we learn a few things last year, we were very early now sort of time together, so I think we'll be able to pick up with a lot better or start out with a lot better base package than what we had there last year and hopefully have a good result again. On Saturday night, did you get any sort of read on the blue tire and what that super soft might do? We did. I mean, there was certainly this one car in particular that had very low degradation on it, and all the rest of us have the same sort of digs. So but you know, it's all based around the balance of what you got and the better the balance the lower the dig and so that's what we worked on and we made a little bit of today. Well, all the best and congratulations. Bit of silverware and beer tastes sweeter when there's that involved. Yeah, great. Thank you very much. Peter pierce, you've had your first day night race day as a team owner. How does it feel? Probably better than I expected. So it didn't really know a 100% what to expect, but at times it seemed like we were lacking a little bit of pace and then other times, especially Gary, East Indies as quick as anyone else out there, so I think we learned a lot. I think we sort of, you know, I think as I keep on saying, this is going to be a learning year and I don't think we embarrassed ourselves first round. So if we can build on this, I think it's sort of upwards and onwards and yeah. When you look at what you've presented on track and then how you perform, it's a fascinating situation. Zero time, it costs money when you've got zero time. So it's always seems to be you do at the hard way. Oh, definitely. I wish I had 6 months, not 6 weeks. But it is what it is. And we signed up for the challenge and I think for the fact that we turned up, I think we will present it with some awesome sponsors. The cars look sharp. I got a fantastic crew where they just, you know, they're just working hard and they look great. Yeah, now I think we've ticked a lot of boxes. What do you do tonight? Because I know that I knew I'd find you in the garage at the end of the meeting because that's what drag races do. They sit down, they analyze their performance and then they take it on to the next day in the workshop. What do you do now? To see the overall up at that high level will make the team run smoother tomorrow. Yeah, look, whilst the event is still fresh in everyone's mind, we'll get together after we're going to go through the cars now and give them a good plan and a good guy and I have over it. Before we go home now we'll sit down as a team and we'll pull a little thing that you thought of and speak to the drivers speak to the engineers. And we'll just analyze it and pick the good and we'll pick the bad and hopefully we can work on the bad stuff and hopefully that will result result in better qualifying, which I think helps in the race. So is there a significant difference to the way you have to organize a supercar team to the way you organize all your other racing enterprises? It is different. Yeah, it's two different animals. Yeah. It's sort of hard to explain the differences. But yeah, there is differences. One difference is you sit around for three days and only do about the same amount of racing as you do at the track. You're pretty right there, actually. Well, congratulations. It's a big enterprise, and it's launched very well tonight. Yeah, now look, I think we can hold it head up. I think we did well. I think, you know, I think we could have done a lot worse and I'm sure we could have done a lot better. So now I think it was a great start and something to build on and hopefully we can only do better from here. Look forward to catching you throughout the year. Thank you very much. It should be said he was the quiet achiever all weekend. Will Davison is now 15 points after, you know, he didn't set the world alight. He made mistakes in his qualifying lap, but he's up there. And that's where you need to be. In an interesting position because camera mortars say lead driver and he got through to being 6 at the end of the weekend. But gee, the rest of the team. Thomas Randle 17th, James Courtney, 12th, and then you have Jake in 21st that's not where they would be hoping to have a four card team. No, indeed not. In fact, Cameron waters from Saturday to Sunday. He showed that recovery that they did show in towns were last year. And that Cameron certainly lost none of his zeal Z storm enthusiasm for the job, but they clearly have got more work to do on whether it's both a dry and wet pace. There are a couple other disappointing ones. First of all, I'll touch on team 18. Promised a bit, but unfortunately when the push came to shove, just didn't have the outright speed for either one to bottom, or it's got pie, who did suffer steering damage on Saturday, and then on Sunday, just not quite there. So it's an interesting year. And one week clearly, it is going to be as competitive as we've ever seen it. I wanted to make note of one particular facet that there was a dramatic change in last year of course, and that is for the first time in some 18 years, I think it is Jamie win cup was not in a race car. He was standing in the garage and is a theme manager owner, principal CEO, all those things, he is certainly doing a great job because he has asked his mentor mister Dane by quite a bit because it took a couple of years for day to get the first win on the board for Triple H, whereas Jamie in his role has now done it at his debut meeting. Debut meeting as him standing in the garage with Brock feeding his replacement in car 88. So that's quite the achievement for Jamie. They did have small things that a wheel not properly fixed on. Chinese car on the Sunday race. Fortunately, they dodged a bullet and didn't get the penalty. But overall they are certainly still there with a space. Truck faine he did an excellent job over the weekend and certainly showed substantial reasons to why he got Jamie win cup old chair. As we've mentioned, the erebus cars were particularly good both cars showing great speed and great pace while will didn't qualify well on Sunday, Boyd and he showed great speed and recovery.

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