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In the morning. This is WTO news. So we turned this early morning to a massive lawsuit here at WTO filed by the Virginia teacher who was shot by her 6 year old student. Abby's Werner is suing the Newport News school board some school officials and the ex superintendent who was fired after the shooting. It all happened back early January. It was order was shot at the time in the hand and chest as she sat at a reading table in her classroom that day. She spent nearly two weeks in the hospital and had four different surgeries. Since her $40 million lawsuit accuses school officials of ignoring multiple warnings on that day of the shooting that the boy had a gun and was in a violent mood, CBS News legal analyst then Rosenbaum says this morning the lawsuit is an issue of gross negligence. I think in this case they're really talking about her employers, the obligation that her employers had to keep her safe in a situation like this. But you know, it's such a horrendous story. The child is so young, you can't prosecute their child. You can't punish the child, the idea is that he doesn't even know the significance of what it meant to have a gun in his hand. The new four new school board says in a statement to WTO P, it has not yet gotten the legal documents in the case. It adds our thoughts and prayers remained with Abby's Werner and her ongoing recovery, and the board is working. They say, with the community to address safety and security, student behavior, and family engagement. It's like an amped up career day with a chance to get your hands dirty. Kids and their families will be flocking to a federal office next Wednesday night. The annual night of science or noce de ciencias at the U.S. patent and trademark office in Alexandria is a big hit with families from our region. It's awesome. It's just so fun to see everyone running from table to table to see what new activity they're going to do next. On Valentin education program adviser with the USPTO says the event in cooperation with leading Hispanics in stem is about inspiring students to see themselves in the stem field and the connection to his agency. People think of protection when it comes to intellectual property, because essentially you are, you're protecting one's creations of the mind. However, before you can protect, you need to what? You need to create. Kate Ryan, WTO P news. The latest trend taking over the

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