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Newsradio one thousand k. t. o. k. beth myers what was an abuse cases now murder this was the case we told you about a couple of weeks ago a horrible elder abuse case and now we've learned the victim has died i'm beth myers the newsradio one thousand k. t. o. k. newscenter the case of an abused and neglected eighty five year old oklahoma city woman has now turned into a case of murder police rescued mary miller two weeks ago from what they called deplorable conditions inside her son's apartment in the forty three hundred block of northwest thirty six straight and at the time fifty four year old carlton all her son was arrested on charges of abuse and aggravated assault will police tell us that mary miller died yesterday doctors say that she died as a result of injuries she sustained from long term abuse and neglect and police say charges now we will be upgraded against null to include second degree murder a man has been stabbed to death in a small town of briggs and cherokee county allegedly by his stepdaughter the taloqan newspaper is reporting the teenage girl was taken to a juvenile detention facility after she left the scene and then she called nine one one from an apartment complex no motive has been released a potential homicide at the davis correctional facility in holden ville the oklahoma department of corrections says an inmate twenty-three-year-old roscoe craig was found unresponsive monday in the cell that he shared with another inmate his cellmate is a suspect in his death craig was serving time out of oklahoma county for violating the sex offender registration act assault with intent to commit a felony and forgery and good news for oh you students undergraduate tuition and fees might stay the same for the upcoming year and faculty and staff may be getting raises here's jim forci this under a more than two billion dollar budget the board of regents approved yesterday the budget recommendation goes to the state regents for higher education the recommended salary hikes would be the first in norman campus in five years the tuition would remain flat for the second consecutive year round last saturday in the river near italic wind today the grand river dam at thority released his name he was twenty seven year old robert hera of tulsa he was pushing a raft through the river when he stepped into a deep section of the water and went under and never resurfaced some oklahoma democrats are asking the democratic national committee to invalidate the results of the june eighth state party election that ended with alicia andrews defeating christine bird for the position of party chairman there was a tabulating error andrews actually wasn't declared the winner till sunday june ninth now the oklahoma is reporting a complaint has been filed that alleges party bylaws were violated the complaint calls for a new election that utilizes a transparent and documental.

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