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End on president's day Monday only in store your exclusive W. CBM weather channel forecast despite the mild weather we've had here lately do not be mistaken winter is not completely done with just yet once the rain is gone these temperatures are going to be quite chilly the next couple of days showers this afternoon there tapering off late in the day fifty six this afternoon overnight dry temperatures upper twenties to lower thirties but tomorrow sunny and cool thirty five Saturday sunshine and only thirty six I'm meteorologist Terry Smith from the weather channel for talk radio six eighty WCBS fifty five degrees reporting of twelve oh six I'm Michael Phillip Ellie six eighty W. C. V. M. news broadcasting live from the WCCO missing retirement solutions studios call rollbar roll it for ten to six six eleven twenty role on the website retirement solutions dot com the Rush Limbaugh show starts now on talk radio six eighty W. CBM now filling in for Rush Limbaugh ladies and gentlemen Marc Stein yes America's anchorman away today we have a lot of breaking news the rona virus rampaging on around the world was another case the United States over two hundred and fifty in China yesterday Kim Jong has executed a carrier that's one way to this thing he's executed a carrier of the corona virus in North Korea and they refuse to let a cruise ship dock in Guam he the cruise ship eventually found a bus that would take it in Cambodia which is so what is that true I think that's about two and a half thousand miles probably a little longer because they've got the big clump of the Philippines in the middle and you have to sail up and over that so it's probably close to the three thousand miles I gather the the job then tied the the Joe Biden presidential campaign as a apparently come down with the coronavirus and has gone into quarantine Bloomberg.

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