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Have the best chance of beating Jennifer Weston and that is really I am not in favor of convention but in this case we could end up with a very very little known Canada the that may not be the best one to run against lex and give people involved currently volunteering don't you know don't have the state so I think this is the best way of coming up with the Canada thanks fanning I appreciated was that more light as this develops and hear from the candidates next up though Y. two Catholic voters in America both different than evangelical voters and where they go in this year for president Eric's IRS troubles were nasty I have ten years of unpaid tax returns filed all the money in taxes you know I started getting letters and unbelievably complex things generate a tax cutter so complicated batch if you don't pay a tax professional do your taxes you're gonna screw up yes complex problem I did not think anybody could all life was about to go down the drain so he called optima tax relief optimized was able to make sense out of a huge disaster and optimised opted to say the least Eric was very relieved they got me out water that's for sure optimist made me a boatload of money and got me out of a complex situation if you truly had a huge weight lifted off my shoulders got a nasty confusing tax problem to what Eric did and call optimal right now for a free consultation call eight hundred nine zero eight seventeen fifty five that's eight hundred nine zero eight seventeen thirty five eight hundred nine zero eight seventeen fifty five optima tax relief from an actual blind summers of life complete details please visit automatic really dot com W. M. A. L. F. M. Woodbridge Washington one thousand dollars for chances for you we also any key word W. M. A. L. news email news at five thirty on a more real leave new tonight Senate Democrats blocked a pair of Republican bills that would ban most late term abortions and threaten prison for doctors who don't try saving the life of infants born alive during abortions Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell accusing Democrats of bowing to quote the radical demands of the far left to quote drown out some comments drowned out common sense and the views of millions of Americans the Kentucky and I'll speak with cannot comprehend why this would be some hotly debated proposition it almost defies belief that in car political party could find cause to object is measured protection for babies Maryland lawmakers are moving on bills are kind of local cooperation across the state with federal immigration agencies this is really just a ploy I think to try to get a dig at the president by cutting off cooperation with ice Republican delegate Dan **** tells mornings on the mall Democrat you're trying to fix something that's not broken it's working in amazing ways for instance over one hundred violent felons were removed just recently through the twenty seventeen program at Frederick alone and he adds that the obstruction of justice bill it's unconstitutional it's illegal it's outrageous if it really is something that is dangerous I think for our communities John Matthews on WMAL in W. I. mail dot com senators from both political parties questioning whether the white house's request for two and a half billion dollars is enough to prepare the U. S. for possible corona virus outbreak chief White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow said that so far the US has the virus under control in so far as containment is concerned.

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