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It's really well. What will be funny if they're unlike the one and a half year line, and they get it doesn't count. It'll be like the two noble, Brian. How does that work? It has to be it has to you get credit for. Yeah. They would count as the one. I've I thought. Two-thirds line. And they've they said it was two yards less than two one. So it's another like if you have the twelve yard touchdown pass seemingly in the guys extending reviewing it you rooting for him not to get exactly. And you love that you love against things. Yeah. Like routing guys, the buzzer beaters. Yeah. Yeah. Anyway. All right. I think we jump on this parley kid you have one where is the one that? I like that you all right Brady over two and a half touchdowns as plus one. Fifty you expect a lot of scoring to then. Absolutely. I know we're talking about I still love Brian spat to there's going to be a rushing touchdown or two in this game. But Brady threw three last year south he's laser focused. He's got this Roby Coleman character saying ages taken a toll on Tom Brady of age is taking a toll on Brady. What does it done the Harry, right? Times worse on Harry. And even myself Brady's gonna have I think one of the biggest Super Bowl games he's ever had. So I've hit this. I think the over on touchdown pass that they hit foles within a quarter and a half last year. I love Brady to have at least three in this game. He might have be pushing for goes down as the greatest ever anyway Brady, plus one fifty over two and a half kissed him ins Asser? Asir, Now, you're. you're. Kissing. Brady's asked for the last few weeks. He's the biggest you might be the biggest Brady fan roots for the Yankees parlay kit. L say that you might be what hap- what happens with this bet if the pets do what I think they're going to try to do which is the ball control power running game. But blessing up some passes in there like I don't feel like this is the type of pats team. That's where he's going to throw the ball sixty times. Really? I personally know, well, he has like nine hundred and forty yards in the last two Super Bowl games like something. Crazy so different teams. Now, I know but by accident whether they need to play catch up or with their ball control by their ball control is through the swing passes to James white and everything else. So that that could happen as a as touch Daqing count as touched. I looked up. I was looking at the completions bet and his commissions twenty five and a half when he's six. Yeah. In the playoffs historically has been a great bet to go over..

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