Shabwa, Austin Jackson, ALI discussed on CBS Sports Radio


Shabwa did induce the double play grounder by austin jackson who failed to get a bunt down forsythe has walked grounded into an inning ending double play and popped up to short so he's over to the game wonder one nine t here's the pitch swing lie drive in the right field base a fastball and he hit a very hard so he was look at that fastball for the moment he arrived at the plate apparently got it he jumped on it and hit it hard comes chase utley biggest bat so far in this series do at a home run and a double last night and he hit a single as a pinch hitter in the seventy today ali has lifted his season's average to three twenty while there's only had nineteen advanced six for nineteen now most of those hits have been against the giants whereas most of their games have been against the giants he hits a high foul fly off the left field line that will reach ten rows back into the crowd a fan of brought his glove stood up he's wearing his beat l a t shirt very proudly and he made the catch on that one.

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