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What happened on Joe Joe show? What I've seen concerts even kids are the crazy ones. Right, right. I've seen moms lift their daughters over fences and dig under fences to get their daughter backstage to see it was like I forget what back in the day like in sync. I don't know why that sticks. Like a lady is lifting her daughter over dude. Oh, I'll tell you another thing. But this wasn't at a concert. This was just speaking of crazy fans stories. Back in the day. We had week lacy glossiest coming to visit for an interview. Okay. And he was coming into the kiss FM garage. And we were in a different building back in the day. This is you know, I don't know how many years ago, and, you know, most of the time now when you see a garage if you put your hand as the garages closing if you put your hand in there, you'll trigger it and opened the thing back up this this garage didn't have that it just kept going down. Oh, no this lady as Rica pulled in the garage goes to shut to make them stop the garage door. She sticks her she holds her baby into the garage puts her she holds her baby underneath bigger Araj door like like, stop it. Or you're gonna crush my kid that was kind of like the standoff. Of course, we stopped. But just yeah. No, don't don't do that. For more go to kiss FM dot com. Joe joe? Hey, what's up? It's BB Rexona. And you're on the move with my man at K Santos. Yeah. Baby. Yes. Homey. Undo. Alex. Standard. Style. Jay. Your whitney. Came about. Awesome. John. Puerto rico. More of Mordovia. You're whitman..

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