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You can get a little closer this week. I'm on just because i've had my first shot so you have. I'll still be isolating. But you can get within shouting distance. Or i can the power old the power latest than they say. You're not supposed to speak ill of the dead. The deceased the recently passed so At this point in the broadcast. I think i should say this because it because i mean it it's really. It's not a obligation. It's really. It has as henry kissinger once said to richard nixon in another context. It has the added advantage of being true. We've heard a lot about why rush limbaugh became So successful so influential in his last thirty years around. I think one writer. I'm forgetting who it is. That i read. Put his finger I'd be guessing. Put his finger on this because he is he was he was a wordsmith and he did you know We all know what he did but why was he so successful and why were so many people both well n- not as many in his lane politically but certainly a lot in the other lane politically so unable to duplicate his success I present this theory. It's because he was good at radio he had he'd been in radio for a while before you opened the app about politics and so he learned those ineffable little things you know a lot of folks think that will radio you sit down and you talk you find somebody who likes to talk and you send him down in front of a microphone bone there you go drive away. A little thing called air. america proved. That wasn't really true. That was the attempt to duplicate conservative. Talk radio success which it didn't and that was the first time i thought well you know it would help to bring in people who actually know about radio. 'cause it's a thing it is it's a craft that's about all it is but it's a craft and You know when you when you want somebody to build your book. Ace a craftsman would be real handy or a chimney or.

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