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He's some great genius here's actually how i know because he tweeted out he said if this was one hundred forty eight years ago i would have been more like harriet or nat would have been like harriet tubman or nap turner now i wonder why why did he say a hundred forty eight years ago under forty eight years ago was eighteen seventy but that was after slavery ended so what does it mean to be harriet tubman after slavery is abolished what does it mean to be nap turner after slavery's abolished five years after the end of the civil war and then i just googled i had a hunch so gold how long ago to the did slavery end in america and the first results as one hundred forty years ago but it's an article from twenty thirteen so i think that's it right i think that's probably explains it is off the top of his head kind you said how long ago to slavery and okay i'll use that number and so i'm not saying he's a rhode scholar i'm not saying he's this great political philosopher but he's making extraordinarily important points and he has a an important virtue the courage to withstand the leftist onslaught that he is currently getting from everybody and it's not just on twitter and it's not just on tmz or whatever stupid television shows he's going on he's he's getting it and text messages from friends of his family and people who are saying you're mentally ill you're a traitor you're this you're that and he's and he's got this manliness a harvey mansfield writes about it that even a manly virtue is to be confident and to pursue the right as you see the right even when you lack perfect knowledge even when you lack technical knowledge even when you lack total detailed knowledge it's why kanye west is similar to donald trump it's why they shared dragon energy because when donald trump entered the race he certainly didn't possess a perfect knowledge of public policy or foreign policy but he he just knew what he thought he knew his vision for the country he knew the motivating principles the premises any follow them and he wouldn't allow himself to be intimidated by all these little technical soy boys who say will you didn't.

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