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Del Golf silkier belts. Nine banded whiskey Yummy, Yummy, Yummy. The knotty decade, Bart, the Renaissance Hotel at the Arboretum and modest Tex Mex Scotty get afternoon. And how are you a little nippy for golf today? But I know a lot of guys were at Munich when I drove by earlier this morning. I played yesterday. It's gonna get cold tonight and will probably be no golf tomorrow the next couple of days, but The end of the week was really nice to play golf in central Texas. Yeah, I went over and hit a couple of puts this morning once it warmed up, but mostly stayed in and watched. You know, some really good sports today. I mean, you t Pull in that game out that really, you know, they fight well in West Virginia's A good team got a little lucky at the end when West Virginia missed the one in one and then missed two free throws with an 89% shooter at the line, but Or hit a big shot with a second to go toe win a game that we've really wanted. Bad as revenge. It really was stealing one on the road to me, because I think what not around the first time they ever had the entire second half of Andrew Jones hits the three pointer with 1.1 seconds to play. They were. I started watching closely in the second half, and they never were up so Patient game for the Longhorns, and you're right. They got some breaks. But what a story but Andrew Jones three years ago almost to the date diagnosed with leukemia, and today he hits a game winner, Texas Now 10 and one on the basketball year was Shaka Smart and Wow. Wow. What a year the Longhorn basketball team having. Yeah, they're closing games. Where is the last 23 years? They haven't been have been losing games like this. So it's made. It made a huge difference. And then we watch Buffalo. Went against Indianapolis. Indianapolis completely blew it. It's the first half young 27 24 the first time since 1995 Buffalo. Want to play off gas gets really won the playoff game against this is gonna blow your mind. Houston? No, No, it was Miami. Dan Marino was the quarterback 12 and Marina was a quarterback. Last time Buffalo won a playoff game. Congratulations to our friend Mitch more, Susan. Regular guest on the end zone club in bed and I'll be talking about that game and much, much more game going on right now, And this is a potential upset. The L. A. Rams lead the Seattle Seahawks 22 10 22 10 late in the second quarter of that game Still to come tonight, It's see Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Tom Brady at the Washington Whatever their names are. The old red scans are playing in Washington, the Washington football team. You know, I have trouble written for the Seahawks. Do you have separate? Yeah. Pete Carroll, the former USC coach, We got to know the Longhorns got about 15 years ago this week. Yeah, and congratulations to West Lake. They hold it out against North Shore. That means Westlake. Is going to the state championship game next week. Our friend Bill Hogan has a son who plays or from Pioneer golf Bill from finder. Golf as a son place for west like, you know, a lot of lot of people out there supports his Westlake chaperones. So congratulations. Yeah, today. He says he has a grants. Yeah, I'm sure Rick was at that game today. Golf news. We're gonna have match in l a on it Just a little bit mad, Of course. Formally the golf channel now with fire pit podcast. He was in town. Not too long ago, Scotty. He wasn't meeting and we'll talk about his visit and some of the courses he's visited around the country and the people he's met in the Gulf business, which is he's had quite a life and golf. One of the good gas and getting to watch Kapalua. This is great. Yeah, a lot of parties, so there's no land over there. It's the century Tournament of champions at Kapalua. You're involved with the construction of this golf course. Corn, Crenshaw. You've been there many, many times. It is absolutely stunningly beautiful. I've got to play to a couple of times will help me out every hole. You can see the ocean and in that, right every hole, you can see the ocean. Yeah. This is this is beautiful, Beautiful, No pineapple field, and they had a couple. Of course. Is there a Palmer? A couple of Palmer courses? The village course in the bay Course that we're there for many years and then the Plantation is the one we built and they've had this tournament of champions there this year. However, it's not exactly a tournament of champions. I got up. You got a few, You know, They got a few people who didn't win win championships, including Harris. English, who Right now is the leader board at Number one, he's at 14 under par. He's just started his round. Justin Thomas and Ryan Palmer of Amarillo are in second place at 13 Logjam at 12 with Dustin Johnson, John Graham, Colin Morikawa, Rice and a Shambo, My man from Oklahoma State Victor Hovland, Daniel Berger and former Longhorns Scotty Scheffler. Just two shots off the pace at minus 12. So you see a smattering of players. You have not won past year. Of course, Victor Hovland has Daniel Berger has they? Shambo Has Colin as Rahm Dustin EYES Ryan Ryan Palmer won this year, but Harris English is not one. And I think, Scotty one the year before last, So they're letting players in. Think there's about 42 people in this field? Yeah, There's a little bit of debate. I saw Jim McKay. I was not happy about not having chant all champions there. But with the tournaments that were canceled last year would have been a small field. Oh, yeah, they had done it that way. Another person who's part of this is our friend Justin Leonard, who's now taking Really good seats at the Golf Channel broadcast so good good for our friend Justin Leonard With Terry Gannon today, the former North Carolina state basketball player, So Justin Leonard, leaving the home in Colorado to To go to Kapalua, suggesting he looks like he's about 22. Looks like this guy knew him at the University of Texas and then it Ryder Cup when he mo but Z, but but he's doing a good job in a real good job. We were talking about golf today and about Played golf yesterday and, Ah lot of people are out there today. Our friend Dan Lundquist was out today with his sons and his grandson's had a tournament of the Great Hills called the Blue Norther. Amanda Carr. See my friend? Yeah. The Blue Norther golf Tournament. Men's and women's tournament are great friend Amanda Carsey and got second place with Women division. But Dan was with his son, Keith Lundquist and grandsons, Tray and Luke today, playing in the Great northern at Great Hills Country Club and Great Hills Country Club. I need to go out. Look at the They're redoing their clubhouse, and it is going to be wonderful out there quietly one of the cool golf courses close into town one of the closest in golf courses out there and break it. Also, congratulations to the Great Hills folks. And especially our friend Dan Lundquist Great Hills Country Club. Remember, I went out there when I was in college and 71%. They felt like it was in the middle of nowhere. And it's this side of me. Nit's Oh, yeah, you're Arboretum is behind the Arboretum likes to think that way about Kony's because I would drive in from Brownwood. And you think about Cody's Wow. This is way far and promise you ladies and gentlemen, you drove In town from Brownwood or land passes. That was the first thing you saw, and I think was about 12 to 17 miles to the next thing you saw when you went down that hill where they are breathing is now there was nothing up there. It was just feels and then you go down. Toe Burnett Road. It was It was kinda while but, yeah. Great deal is one of the great golf courses and clubs in Austin. We need to take a break. After this break. We're gonna visit with our friend match in L. A from fire pit podcast on the former Golf Channel regular and one of the great great voices of golf. So this is the 15th Club on K L. B. J Radio on the sports Saturday. Met climates along with Scotty stares, and we'll be back with our friend matching Della right after this. My friends. You might not think that a few simple words could make you crave McDonald's breakfast sandwiches. But if you listen closely.

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