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Good afternoon at twelve noon on bob heussler the world cup is being decided right now moscow francis playing croatia third appearance in a championship game for france the first for croatia it's at the half and france leads it to to one thirteenth grand slam title today for novak djokovic breezed past kevin anderson and the first two sets six two six to the third set went to a tiebreak title down the center hands kevin matt is how the finish sound the wimbledon radio fourth title and wimbledon four jobs i in a grand slam event and a couple of years the yankees reached the all star break after today's game in cleveland they have a chance to hit the brake thirty above five hundred for only the fourth time in club history there exactly thirty above after beating the indians saturday night series finale this afternoon masahiro tanaka makes his second start since returning from the disabled list forever bauer for cleveland we'll have it on the fan at twelve thirty the mets have a chance to hit the brake by winning three straight for the first time since may they completed series today against the nationals this is mickey callaway starting to come we've been playing better games so we're in a really good spot i think three or four days off is going to allow us to take a deep breath come back and start playing the game the way we need to be coy is wall starting today for the mesh jeremy heloc sin for the nationals the cardinals in the market for a new manager they fired mike metheny saturday night joe girardi among the reported candidates to replace metheny david cohen celebrity charity golf classic awards dinner and auction with special guest bernie williams will be held on monday august twentieth at.

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