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Commute news there is no family history or anything like that like nobody not of that i mean my grandma died of cancer which he was very old and it was stomach cancer and choose cuban and it was that like pork heavy greasy diet and i've heard thursday connection well he was like very ill so i guess theoretically there it is but i feel like everyone has some maria totally cancer there so he went into a chemo he i mean he just have to start a very aggressive treatment regimen after that it's interesting that you bring up sort of getting a second opinion and like doctors are people too because he was fascinating to see a doctor um go through that experience because you know there is a level of removal and he became very consumed with the disease and researching the disaster area and he could i mean he was reading that he still reads medical journals about out his specific mile uh leukemia and he knew of at the best treatment for that kind of leukemia was at a m d anderson in texas in houston i feel houston is like a leading cancer it is yes specifically without one at sort of the cutting edge so he went there he still goes there because he has to monitor it now but there was a point where it was we didn't know um because the truman wasn't working and uh man the way he explains it was start worse like he was like so my uh white blood cells are attacking views cells an you know i don't remember any other home uh white blood cells are stormtroopers yeah yeah exactly but it they came back at lake worked out sort of in the eleven thhour and he was able to get his platelet count backup.

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