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As. The priest and boat trip. Thank you very much. We're going to credit you the priest and boutrous and boat trip the doctor in Batman where you Dr Batman, I'm a doctrine to Nolan films buddy. I'm in both Memento and Dirk night he sees you as doctor. He thinks he sees me as a yeah. It's funny Chris I know Chris Pretty well. Last year he's Inga me. I got I got zinged by Christopher Nolan. because our our children used to go to school together and I was I was walking to school. And taking interestingly, I was taking to school on the train just like Thomas, Wayne does in bat and. In Some coming up out of the subway and I I I'm walking down the street and I run into Nolan and I. Say. Hey. Chris I'm not that I'm a hero but just you know just taking a bunch of kids from my neighborhood the school on the train and Nolan's says without hesitation. You know I've got a lawyer that can get you out of that. Do you I probably if? I was like, I just got full blown zinged. Nolan if If, you're going to get by someone. And I would imagine it's probably because I don't know him I. Don't know if he's like he has comedy energy or what I'm assuming he does not he he runs a little he runs a little dry and what's so. I feel like might not get the forgiveness curve sometimes, he might want zing more people and then they're like, wait what wasting no. I'm just kidding I'm just being me using now here's what's weird I find. A test do you this to people tests to see if they laugh? And I'm yet to really find a super successful person who did not respond well. Like. I did the same thing on the on that same movie like with Christian Bale on rises. I did like a joke. He's like, how am I gonNa Bro? How wanted to cameras GonNa get tools orpheum towards me because he sounds kind of like that. And I was I was there standing excellent I said how about when the cameras about Japan I go..

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