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Or television game yeah that was tv replay and that was that was a big moment of for the national audience okay number seven they call it the longest yard and this is the rams tightened super bowl kevin dyson reaching out for the goal line and he's stopped by rams linebacker what was his name steven jones mike yes yes the longest hard numbers that was a pretty big play yeah yeah one yard away from the titans winning the super bowl change of history jeff fisher no longer to tighten its last one number six young seton o'connor was there you were about eight yards away the butler did it malcolm butler russell wilson number six up yes yes absolutely you're on this side of the case is too low you can make a case that should have been higher but we'll discuss that a little bit later on peer maguire's busy man nbc sports emmy award winning inside the glass analyst and exclusive coverage of the stanley cup final continues thursday night at eight eastern on nbc from las vegas with game five with the caps on the verge of the cup pierre thanks for joining us recap last night if you will dan first of all i'm never too busy to visit with you on apologize in advance be some background noise i'm gate g twenty one at the minneapolis saint paul airport so you'll hear some delta announcing take off that being said divine intervention played a role in last night's game star power played a role in last night's game for the washington capitals physicality played a role in the outcome of the game last night but more than anything else but i think the ability of washington to sustain quick strike offense and he'd over from game three to game four that's been a huge factor and the game breakers have been of guinea crews often alexander ovechkin is the better team winning.

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