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Challenger says garage cannot check it out. Yeah. I'm not selling it to you already know. Your husband already told me she I just wanna see it as soon as we went out there. We out there for like two minutes. He came up you're about to leave might get outta here. I'm like painted up for a second essay. Now, he can't be what he thinking is like nine and then a communist situation now but fast for when tiff got the car. That's when it got weird. Like the next day they went on and beef about it is. So what is the you know, what's the protocol? If you are whether you single or married as a woman, you go to to a merry couple's house like list the list the rule of thumb for solo time with the husband of the house. I never thought about it. I mean depends on who it is. It depends on who it is. And what they go through like, if if you know, your wife is just friendly and just like the, socialize. And she's that's the type of person she is then you a set down. So. Oh, I don't know. Nothing about his wife out my first time meeting his wife. So I don't know what they had going on prior. Are what anything that they had so regardless. No having to do meet that's between them to okay. So you just you just ride it like if if I know I'm doing something make her uncomfortable. Then she going check me are she on tell me a you doing too much. Plain simple. I feel like. I feel like there should be internal clocking head. That's like I've been so low with this do for too long. I I need to go and get back either in a group setting or kiss remove must eat because you can't. And I feel like that time. Limit is is somewhere below five minutes, the pens 'cause you and I could be in a place by yourself talking-shop long. And it won't be like, but this is different. The. As different hold on. I so maybe maybe there is a time and relationship component to. Absolutely, it just depends. So if you if you just now first time meeting like listed, like they're gotta be like sometime, I mean, but sometimes people vibe like that like, you got you got testified like if talking about you. I feel like we you if you're I feel like if you're a married, man. He shouldn't you buy a home and somebody coming your house. Like, I feel like on my end. I can't just vibe out with a fee, but he likes to be aware that liked to some some one one of nine friends came over. And she wasn't here. And I thought that was really, and I was like mine tennis was up. So I was like I'm not sitting on this couch. I'm sitting over on that couch. Right. And she's going to be on that couch because I didn't want to be just us on the couch sitting there and tiff not here and come in. And then there's soon as tiff came in. She was like hi strange like I wouldn't. I'm like that's why I was on that. Now, she would've come over. Now. She got comfortable quick. And it was it's cool now, but she got comfortable real quick. I would say even when you're when you're let like couple years ago when your cousin I moved in here, and I came over and barbecue, and we was outside having a conversation even in my head like I'm like, I'm like, I think we've been talking too long talk into long. You know what I mean? Whereas where it was just what you're saying. Where's like, I was sense? Yeah. Like, maybe one of us need to go in the house 'cause. Some some of it is just like perception. Right. Like when other about perception? But perception really matter if is nothing to do it, absolutely matters, actually matters. Why does it matter? I think percents ripple effects. Yeah. I think perception matters when it comes to a married man and a female being together solo because it can create of issues. I roll with that. But what I'm going to ask you is. What did you wanna talk about with my sister in law? Also. So so the issue was this conversation will be Pryor. But. Yeah. But it was in back of my head to diversity. He only named to non black people just to. Hey, I want I want some white friends though. I've never thought y'all. Yeah. I never been friends like a game. Like, what do you get anyone? And and like a boy or girl, I think you need a male. There's no way you why. Well, no, no, no. I you know, what at work. I always chew with a gay. Do I said bring him around? I had no problem. I used to be like yo come through the picnic. I told you bring him hearing your home. Yeah. Okay. I told you that I was how cool. Our family is similar to my family in that. There are no. There are no self identified gay folks in my family, we have one we got one, but not self identified when you mean self identify me out. Are they like no is never been said. It's like, you know, but never been talked about. That's the way it hasn't been identified. Talking this role like in the beginning. Because I do you need to say that goes on the girl on the show is like, no. You know, where she didn't know. And like this is like a Bush girl, but like like one of the homeboys right is important to say. Well, look, but that's your that's coming from a heterosexual. So she she she was talking. She was like I mean, I've never just said like, I'm gay. I've just I just am like he should know that because you gotta say, I'm heterosexual. But just are. But I'm saying like, I think it needs to be saying home phone because when you. He's want somebody to be home with Homa Goto. Don't myself and we sleep. Guess families. But why do you have to say it if you'd know it? Api different. No. All like is only that way if somebody is kinda like denying trying to act like they're not. But if they are just being who they are. I don't think I'm talking about the person I'm talking about. I don't think it needs to be. You know, what you know, what this thing this? Why would a the lion comes cuss? They don't like in our family. They won't bring it a round. I like it a date date and like walking around as did she found here when I'm just saying to our house that's different 'cause as comfortable with us. But to bring it around everybody they like really prepare and waiting for something. I think you gotta say it and talk about it. Because then then you're living a separate light. Yeah. You are there to talk about. No. It's like she said is like in a show. We is watching. She was like, I was more. It wasn't about me is about the shame that I'm putting on my family that comes along with it. I don't even think about I don't even think it's a shame. Shame. Shame for her. She just feels like what what they're going to go talk about. I think just support him this. I am this do you support it. I think you've got family members that were literally sit there and look at somebody and everything says that person is gay. As be like, I do not think they gay. I think they just a little feminine or I think they just a little masculine. And it'd be like it's in your like, we need to have this conversation. So that you can stop acting like it's not a it's more. So for us to accept to accept and then they'll you accept, but you need a verbal, I accept you think some people don't accept which is why they are in denial about the fact that they might have somebody like if I can't if you if you're not I feel like if you're in the family, you ain't bringing the person you love around your family. That's an issue, and then some canoes for those of us that are open minded, like everybody know that that person is gay will if everybody know what person ain't bring in right? They life around us.

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