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So I think it probably that other things to worry about maybe in nineteen ninety six oh, but I still feel bad about. And if someone would like to reimburse my time child that would be great. It's funny actually had sixty three hundred CD which was also notoriously bad definitely had to lead the logic replaced on that it was mess, but pretty much for mine. I'm gonna say cast your mind back to the delightful year of two thousand five when Steve Jobs got up on stage and introduced a phone that worked with I tunes. Yes. The Motorola rocker are okay. Are was a garbage phone. That was made a deal with Motorola, it was basically a rebranded version of one of their other candy bar style phones. And it was the only smartphone that worked with tunes protected media. And I think what is my favorite bit about. This is just the fact that Steve Jobs had to go onstage talk about this thing in glowing terms, even though you know, he knew that they were building the iphone right then. And it just you know, it was going to take a couple more years to get it out. And well, this is not the infants incident where Steve Jobs through a device off the stage. That was in fact, a camera. I believe I feel like he wanted to he really wanted to hurl. This thing off the stage. It did not despite the fact that it kept going into two thousand nine. It was not a very successful device. I believe and it's interface was was pretty terrible. So, yup. Really glad that that was a thing. Well, I was gonna say when does phone, but we've had a lot of phone. So I'm going to go with the nexus q which was like three hundred dollar little media player server thing that had nnounced I think in two thousand two thousand twelve and then make sheltered about a year later. And I think about it a lot because I imagine also that there is a warehouse filled with these like black bowling ball devices that somebody's gonna uncover a few hundred thousand years and go what this feel it on here. And I you know, I thought it was really cool in the came out. And I wanted one, and it looked great, and it just it just died, and it was a little sad. So that would be my pick. There are a lot of other options. I sort of went back and went down memory lane, thorough, hotter, really bad tech products that we could have chosen, but we don't have the time because we are already two topics in which of course, means it is halftime here clockwise, and this week's episode is brought to you by our good friends at Lynn owed winnowed, you can instantly deploy and manage an SSD server in the cloud, and you can get a server running just seconds with your choice of Lennox resources, and node location lynyrd has hundreds of thousands of customers that might seem a lot..

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