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Yeah it's just like When ken shamrock had his his own fucking matches and shit when he had his his pit fighter kind of thing going on in a and wwf years ago he disobey his his his gimmick. It should be his work. Everything should build up. But this is what i'm saying. This is what two men look like when they fight. That's exactly what it should be like absolutely and read y- you told me go. You said if if if your does not win right that's your one new one yeah to the fight pits and the finish was great. I the he. The knee was getting worked on Everybody knows that that That that that trump has a bad. He's been working on it for a while and T would you. What about on thatcher win and was attacking it and that was the finisher was a tap out so bill and i'm also hoping that is bill because the way that the the match ended it looks as though that they made peace with each other and forced to be the same tag team. So hopefully it's going to be attacked team so we'll see it. That'd be a dangerous fucking team though man right other than that man that that Like i said was good this we may. I have any complaints about. It actually was pretty good man with that. You're winning and that's all you could say about it. It was it was actually the second best show of the week. Not if there was any competition or anything let's get into aws. Jesus christ Oh jeez dynamite kicked off with the birthday celebration of brody lead. Junior and the dark order was on stage with mr brody lee's son cake but a court. Unfortunately the party was pooped upon as it wasn't of course something you expect. As the dark order led. The crowd sang happy. Birthday lutheran pentacle. Come out and crashed the festivities. It wanted to ruin negative ones birthday but john. Silver alex reynolds and the crew. Beat up the bed. do bad guy do. And then we have t h two coming out to defend their partners in the brawl spoiled into the spilled onto the floor hit hangman's music an atom page came out to start the match If the eight man tag read what he thought about the opening the raw ross dynamite. I know you had thoughts about this. You called me and said what sir. Yeah i get it. I'm i understand the whole dad. But let's get the kid on april. It's you'll get your kid way too much now. It's it's a little bit too much what you would you. Would you accept this dark. I don't think i would accept anywhere. I wanna take it anywhere place where i give a little more leniency to this bullshit because it's on youtube and it's like free and it's like whatever god did i just i just saw the mean would forget bernie sanders sitting next to alexa bliss. Swing this week this year this week. This week's episode dedicated is sponsored by bernie sanders bernie.

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