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Civil libertarians and cared about people They were somewhat constrained by by voters but they generally found a way even during the sixties to try to do the right thing to now. We've got You know a film in congress. Saying we've got another one that tempting than dummy bill right so mo brooks is now going to run for richard shelby seat. And we could wind up with no brooks tommy tucker. Would you ever run for office again. don siegelman. Well it's given the the makeup of the alabama. And i don't think i was. I was the last democrats standing in alabama and probably the Well as you mentioned the only one do all those before top offices. So i'm i'm happy with that and you never say never probably probably because it's a it's a different world than it was twenty years ago right. I mean very different in many ways. That's really sad. Do do you have any contacts dylan state government or you just kind of doing your own thing. Well i do do for some republican friends. Who are in in. I have of course democratic friends and members of the house and senate but And i'm again. I'm quietly trying to have an impact. Where can but It's difficult in this in this climate and of course with donald trump still on the loose There's a lot of pandering to the public Saw him elected officials. And that makes it difficult to to have the kind of impact.

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