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Hey, it's Joe jacked of OSs from over the line. We take a look back. The light hearted pop culture stories that may have slipped through the cracks this week. Check it out tonight from seven to nine on NewsRadio six. Jeff is my name Westside. Jeff Warner raised on the hilltop, twenty-five twenty-seven Sutton avenue that area is three streets north of broad sin between Richardson and terrace just south park and just a regular guy from the west side of Columbus with an opinion. And that's what I get the chance to do is deliver an opinion on Sunday afternoon. I'm not a reporter. I'm an opinion guy. I like stories I read stories, I pay attention to stories, and I give my opinion on. And one of the stories that sticks out to me is a story. I've heard about for the last couple of months in central Ohio. It's about liberty township now on back in December the end of the December the first right after Christmas, I had on Melanie Lenihan who is one of the trustees and the liberty township area. Now, liberty liberty township. Is the area in Delaware County and encompasses part of Powell, but it's southern Delaware County. And it goes all the way up weaves north north through Delaware County eastern, west all the way up towards Delaware golf club about thirty to thirty five thousand residents or so and. You gotta realize Delaware County is the largest fastest growing county in the state of Ohio. The only county in the state of Ohio the continues to grow and the other thing is there's a lot of money in Delaware County to very wealthy county. And that's why this story is getting so much attention. There's a lot of reasons about this. The story goes this way liberty township right now has a fire department and EMS EMS as part of their fire division. So when you call EMS fire truck comes and they have three EMS people with every run. Because one on the fire truck is also an EMS. Melanie Lenihan is one of three trustees. The other two are shirer eichhorn, Mike Gamper lines. There's three trustees that oversee what goes on in the budgets for fire police in in the the the township area in this last Monday had township trustee meeting. I watched it online through Facebook live and they had anywhere from four to seven hundred people watching. It and they had a couple of hundred people there also. And this isn't a story to me just about liberty township because this is a story that resonates across local communities. No matter where you live if you live in rooms burger Pickering terror task liver growth city, you're Arlington or no matter where you live. Your municipality is struggling with cost analysis cost control of managing public services and managing them effectively. And and trying to keep control cost controls on them. But something else is going on in liberty township that I'm not sure what it is. And before I had Melanie Linda hand on the air a couple of weeks ago, I called and talked to many folks in liberty township. And it just didn't add up to me. It just didn't add up it sounded like there was something going on behind the scenes that nobody was willing to talk about. So for those you associated at all anywhere in liberty township. I gotta ask you, I blame you as part of this. Why the hell are not talking about it? If you're telling me, there's an a different there's an agenda that Melanie Lenihan has an agenda. Then tell me what it is. I want to know what that agenda is. Here's a story. She wants to do away with the EMS and she wants to fire. She's already this last Monday. They fired their medical director, Dr Warren. Yeah, mark. And the is a very very good doctor that has great accommodations through Ohio health. He heads up the ER services for riverside hosp. Title without a medical director. They can't have local EMS in the end Lenihan and per line two of the trustees. They wanna turnover the EMS to Delaware County. They wanna do away with their EMS for the township and let the county handle that. Now, why is that a problem? Here's my opinion. Why that's a problem? The majority of the population in Delaware County is in southern Delaware County, the population in southern Delaware County is night and day from northern Delaware County night and day. I don't know what the numbers are. But I gotta believe within a one mile square foot square area in southern Delaware County. There's thousands of residents, but in the same one mile square area in northern Delaware County, there could be less than a hundred residents. So there are two different counties in two different areas within Delaware township Delaware County. So they want to turn it over to the county. Do you think the county wants to take it over? I don't. The commissioners of the county have been pretty mum on this to there's there's three commissioners, and they've been pretty pretty quiet on this to other and one of them. Barb Lewis has been very very vocal about it. And and trying to navigate those waters. It's a hornet's nest up there. And every one of these township trustee meetings, the trustees two of the trustees and that is game per line and Lenihan have gone against the will the voters to the point that this last Monday was watching this Facebook live thing and folks were voicing their opinion over top of a speaker and Lenihan said now the sheriff is here. And if you're going to continue to do that, we're going to have a mess court you out of their last. I look it sounds like a dictatorship. And that's what it felt like to me at the end of the day. There's gotta be it. Just feels to me like, she's got an agenda. And I don't know what that is. And nobody will talk about it. Nobody will go public on it. Nobody else shared their opinion on it. And here's the deal. Those you that live anywhere around liberty township and in Delaware County, if you don't talk about this. It's going to go through in spite of what you want. It's going to happen. And in the end, you're going to look back and say, why did they let that happen? Why against the will the voters how can that happen? Well in part because you're not talking I'd like to hear from you at eight two one nine eight eight six what is going on liberty township? What is Melanie Lenny Hans agenda? I don't know what it is. I could speculate share a little speculation.

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