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The Sky Cloud couldn't have known what would happen when she and her friends were out on. Toronto's Danforth Avenue on July twenty second twenty eighteen when a gunman shot and killed two people including her friend Reese Fallon but now she and her family are part of a group that's filed a lawsuit. It alleged that Smith and Wesson knew about the risks and could have done more to prevent the shooting. The group is suing the gun maker for one hundred fifty fifty million dollars. They say the company was negligent for failing to implement authorized user or smart gun technology technology. They say might have stopped the gunman from firing stolen stolen handgun. That night Patrick cloudy skies father at a retired police officer. We reached him on the road outside of Belleville Ontario. Patrick what do you think this gun manufacturers Smith and lesson. What could they have done to possibly prevent the attack on? Toronto's Danforth Avenue. That was used. The Danforth Avenue was a Smith and Wesson Forty caliber pistol and back in two thousand Smith and Wesson was Kinda pushed towards coming up with a a smart gun APPs to make sure that if they fall in the wrong hands will be inoperable. Why would it matter for this gun? The fact that was stolen. Is that the issue anyone with the issue is if they are manufacturing guns and they're putting the smart gun technology ended them if they are stolen. The person it's stealing them does have the compatible software square or whatever like a magnetic ring or the palm print in prints on the pixel grab or the fingerprint technology. That's on the trigger. So they wouldn't have that gone with the inoperable shoot it would not have been able to use it then it useless to and why has this technology not been used. That's a very good question. The reason it hasn't been used is because most of the handguns that are being brought into Canada for sale are manufactured in the states and they have a lot of laws to protect protector gun manufacturers from being sued and therefore they have no reason to approve their guns or make them safer I understand it was the columbine high school massacre that led Ed to Smith and Wesson saying they would implement this kind of smart gun technology but then President George W. Bush came to power and he signed a law that protects check gun manufacturers and dealers from any liability for crimes committed with their products so as as that becomes a problem for actually being able to sue Samantha Smith and Wesson. Yeah that's correct. They were supposed to come up with their technology having a place by two thousand and three and then they had a change of government and the NRA was leaning on Smith and Wesson heart as well so they backed away from the whole plan and the smart gun technology. It's still exists so being developed but it's not been widely implemented yet because has The figure that the customer would want the added cost or the inconvenience of having this safety Procedure that's attached to their weapon. Now see you you and others are seeking to sue Smith and Wesson for this because of what happened to you and your family July Twenty second twenty eighteen. When did did you first learn that your daughter was out in a place where there was a shooting going on with seven of her friends for eight birthday celebration and they were? I mean they're ice cream right around the Alexander Square and that's when the perpetrator started opening fire and my daughter and three other friends ran into the basement of a restaurant nearby. And then she called me on her cell phone and We made our way up to the Danforth. How quickly did you police instincts snap back? I don't even think it had this not back. I was still their guy could tell me what restaurant. They're in hiding a bathroom so I went down to the first restaurant but I I saw from the square and I heard whispering so I continued long dark hallway and then he saw events bathroom door covered in blood. So I knocked on the door or and Coax them to come 'cause they're all terrified he'd you call it your down his name. Is that how you know we sky in there. Yes Sky Sky. Are you there there. She said Oh it's my dad. That's my dad. Some of the people who decided turtled Madore said no note on the door terrified. What was that moment like to find her daughter? I was very very relieved to see her. And that Shit. Israel scraped up but she was fine. My secondary instinct was trying to find out where reese fallon was because she's our our enables right across the street from us and they were friends. I've watched reached grow up on the Streetcar Whole Life so I was saying whereas reese was race. We'll have to find her because her parents are on the way and There's a police officer standing there and he asks for a description over and pulls me aside and said We have a girl outside. It's been killed at that script so I said we'll take it. She took me out into the square pulled back the blanket and and there was a devastating moment for sure. And then you were the one to tell Reece's parents I was kinda holding the bag when they arrived heads. You're talking about. I'm so sorry she was one of two people. Another ten year old was also killed and there were. We're about thirteen others. who were wounded by gunshots and think one of your daughters friends was also wounded by gunfire as well was she? Not Out of a a group of eight kids one was killed and two shot very badly and Samantha. She was shot in the upper hip by. Then we had reese of course who was fatally shot. I spoken with Samantha's father he describes how how much this changes everything absolutely like Yeah I've seen a lot of death and destruction but nothing prepares you for seeing an eighteen year. Old Girl that you've seen grow up you know lying on the street deceased on when you SAR days before all happy cheery graduating from high school and looking forward to her new career as a nurse and It was very devastating. And it's as hard as it was on my family. I can't imagine how you know they're cosies family and parents are dealing with us just devastating. How's your daughter sky? Doing she's doing better. She took a year off to travel. And she's now in her first year university wealth. She's got some anxiety issues but for the most part the the kids are doing okay. And do you think that if you could successfully sue Smith and Wesson it would help you know. The the monetary stuff is not an issue for me really. It's it's trying to make our streets safer and if all handguns were manufactured and you factored and implemented with the smart technology. We have a lot safer streets. I can open my phone just by looking at it and my phone's not a dangerous product. So the CAIN in government should be stepping up to you know they they make sure the meat coming through The borders clean. You know if there's an outbreak of semi they pull all the lettuce and the country off the shelves. Well people people are being killed left right and center on the streets of Toronto and all over Canada and nobody seems to be doing anything about it. Patrick I really appreciate speaking with you. Thank you on Wpro. Accu Patrick McLeod is a former police officer. And the father of Skye McLeod who survived the shooting on Danforth Avenue in Toronto in July two thousand eighteen we reached reached him on the road to Kingston Ontario. The McLeod family is part of a lawsuit filed this week against Smith and Wesson alleging the company was negligent when it didn't implement lament smart gun technology. The company did not respond to a request for comment from. ABC News.

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