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Their read everything he writes Josh Georgia votes tomorrow. How do you assess the races? Well, look, It's going to be fascinating tonight to see what the president has to say. There's a lot of concern. In Republican circles In the early part of the election, and it wasn't where Republicans hope that would be. They're counting on President Trump to excite the base up in northern Georgia. And But they're worried about all of the above the tape there about what the president is trying to accomplish in this final weeks in office, and they're worried that the party is divided at the worst possible time, so there is definitely a lot of anxiety in Republican circles. Now, Josh. I played most of the tape today because I'm the highest rated show in Atlanta during drive time, and I want people to actually hear the tape because there's a lot of hysteria around it, But I want to look at that early vote more than three million. I don't know if that was ahead or behind the early vote in the November election. I think it's behind at about 80%. But what do you do? You know the number Yeah. Yeah, The numbers are on the Georgia secretary of State's website. But yes, a little behind a little behind. Where was on Election day. Now, I think it could be a little misleading because the president has a you know, he sort of discourages people from voting early. So you could be a big surge in Republican turnout on Tuesday, so I think it's premature to draw me. Firm conclusions. The Democrats are satisfied that they did turn out their base. In fact, you know voters that didn't show up in the November election actually did show up in the runoff, so Republicans will need very healthy turnout on election Day to overcome some some democratic strength in the city of Atlanta and the surrounding suburbs. But look I mean, it's all about whether the Republican Party is united or is divided in the final days before the runoff, and what the president says tonight. The message he delivered is going to be very important to whether I think it's kind of a broken glass thing, Josh, I really do believe every voter in Georgia knows the stakes. And they know that Rafi a warning and Jonah's off are not your ordinary. Angus King or any club in charge. Kind of democratic think they're going to be Worried about how hard left they are. But tell me a little bit about the new voters. There's no way to know who those new voters are. Is there Well, they are younger of their. They're surrounded their predominantly concentrated in the suburban Atlanta area there. A lot of this more African American turnout than there was Relative to the general election. So you know these are younger, diverse voters. That may mean many. Many. Many may not have even been eligible to vote in November. They turned 18 in the last couple months, but We're not on the Democratic side has been strong and Republicans need the trump part of the party and then the establishment part of the party to come together, and it doesn't seem like you know, whatever you think of the cave. You you know, Trump is at war with the secretary of State and the governor of Georgia, both Republicans. So that's not the look you want in a very again. I just disagree. I know people have that opinion within the Beltway. I just disagree. I don't think you can extrapolate anything. In fact. Redden analysis at Fivethirtyeight, which I just shook my head saying, Well, we've got higher turnout in traditionally Democratic leaning areas, and if they're at 70, or 80% of the original turnout from last year, I just I don't know how you can extrapolate anything with certainty That could be the Republicans like Republicans and Kaya Hogan County don't have toe win Chiyoda County in Ohio. They just have to close the gap over what it was in the previous election to have a good year. What? You should be skeptical because a lot of people try to extrapolate the early vote and you just don't know what the nominee you don't know how many people are going to show up. You'll know whether Democrats are cannibalizing the election day vote in the early vote because they want a vote early and that Republicans going to turn out and in large numbers or whether there is a market increase in Democratic votes. I will say, though, you that, you know, Look Republican you put you hit the nail on the head. You have two very liberal Democratic nominees, part of the left of the type of candidates, Democrats usually nominating the state like Georgia. And if if you know Democrats win those seats is it's not gonna be because of their candidates. It's gonna be because Republicans didn't turn up turn out enough of their voters. It's gonna be because they didn't win enough with the vote in the suburbs where they usually dominated in past elections. So you know it's gonna be the fact I mean, Republicans can't win seats in a reddish states like Georgia. It's not gonna be Because Democrats that strong candidates it's gonna be because the president and the governor of the party are on totally opposite sides of a very important issue right now. And if Republicans as I suspect they will my predictions that window seats when easily, it'll be because of this, Chuck Schumer quote. Can we play cut one Now we take Georgia never changed the world. Yeah. So people don't shoot. Now we take Georgia and then we change America. What do you.

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