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Big basketball pound model. We've always known that in the years that we've been on that we've enjoyed watching the Bulls. Yeah, and we've always had a huge bulls fan following And it's good that we could talk about them again. I mean, they were on really. There wasn't much to talk about with them. You know how I felt about that team. I used to love to go home and sit on the couch and watch Bulls basketball even when they weren't great. I lost the desire to do that race in years. It's best. Yep. Madden saying Charles wants to weigh in on our Zach Levine discussion that you're on ESPN 1000. What's up? Hey, guys, This is what I wanted to call it because First of all, you have the best basketball radio show. Sylvie, you are you are just dead on when it comes to the Bulls. Thank you. I appreciate that. I'm so So Zach Levine is the most underrated player in the NBA right now. By far, he's a team player. He's starting to play defense. He's starting to see the light. There's not a trade out there that we want to do to get rid of Zach Levine. The problem with this team is well, first of all one flower. He starts playing better. We're going to be very good. Problem with this team is Wendall Carter. We need somebody better download. Everybody likes when I like window. We need a guy like Andre Drummond, who's a free agent at the end of this year. Go get it back like that. Somebody that didn't play the middle like that. So There's a lot of hope for this team, but you're right. It's fun watching them. I'm bummed that I have to wait till Friday to watch when these past five years. It's been garbage, but now there's a glimmer of hope in both fans should be excited. Thanks bad you've wondered for a while. Waddle about Wendell, Listen, He's just a guy. I think he plays I made you play solid defense. I used decent rebounder. I think he's a guy with hustle that will get points. So you know he gave you some put backs. I don't know. How far out he Congar. Oh, And be a threat to score. I know they've given him the authority to and the free range. Shoot the ball from, you know. Way out. I just I think he's limited offensively. Others may feel differently. You may think that there's there's some upside there. I just don't know how much upside there is offensively with him. India. New Lenox, You're on ESPN 1000. What's up, Andy? What's going on, guys? How you doing? We're good. I think that Zach Levine, so this is probably like My least favorite narrative in all of sports. Is that an MBA player who's on a quote unquote bad team is not as good as you know, he leads people to believe. And I think that's just I think it's ridiculous. I mean, you look at Jack Levin and this guy conducive basically, everything on the basketball court that you need him to do. He struggles on defense through But again, he's a great player. You take a look at all the other like very good teams in the league and you look at their number two and you look at their number threes and that convenes better than a lot of those guys. I truly think that deck Levin's better player than CJ McCollum in Portland. And I know some people won't think that, but I think he's a better player than CJ. McCollum. You look it. Tobias Harris, who is a guy, I'm pretty sure Ana Maxfield is well and he's in Philly..

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