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Cancel the November twenty fourth elections elections by the way that China's been interfering and they've pushed the band critics like Joshua Wong from running seven candidates who are running the been attacked by street gangs during this campaign two candidates have been arrested walk campaigning and now on the latest move China's pushing the Hong Kong government to pass what they call a new national security law a law that would allow them to arrest political critics and opponents the legislation mandate sanctions on Chinese and Hong Kong officials to carry out human rights abuses and requires an annual review of the favorable trade status that Washington grants Hong Kong the Hong Kong government released a statement saying the provisions are unnecessary and unwarranted and that Hong Kong protects its citizens rights Edward yeah now is Hong Hong Kong Kong's secretary for commerce and economic development these rights are being protected by the basic law of Hong Kong article full physical protection right and we have seen that well all these rights including rights given to anybody working in Hong Kong reporting in Hong Kong so these are all self interest to do good so I don't see there's any reason for changing that how does that explain why he now statement we strongly sort of object to any attempt by any country try to sort of the inference Hong Kong's interest China responded by threatening to take strong counter measures if Congress proceeds with final passage of the bill Chinese officials claim the aim of it was to bolster anti China extremist and violent radicals who are trying to damage Hong Kong's prosperity and stability as part of a plot against China's development a global study confirms that the United States has the highest child incarceration rate in the whole world amid reports as the world marks the thirtieth anniversary of the U. ones convention on the rights of the child local leaders and experts in Illinois pausing to examine human rights in the juvenile justice system the first ever global study on children deprived of liberty is being formally released today at the went and no to the United States innovation in creating the world's first in juvenile court in cook county more than a hundred and twenty years ago however Brian Evans of the campaign for youth justice says the report also reveals the US has the world's highest child incarceration rate allergies are a bit behind but in terms of our research and our our knowledge about the issue we are we are global leaders when we know what doesn't work because we're doing it a lot of the world is moving in a much more progressive weight we should follow reports implications for children and he wants our topics of a weapon are today co sponsored by the juvenile justice initiative featuring experts from Chicago and Washington DC the US is the only nation that did not ratify the nineteen eighty nine convention on the rights of the child cook county passed a resolution to examine the convention and the study's recommendations and review local juvenile justice policies and practices a similar resolution is pending in the Illinois house and another was introduced in Chicago by war twenty two alderman Michael Rodriguez he says young people need opportunities to succeed many of our young people our community are your I. S. score out of work and if they were to be caught up in the criminal justice system the odds of their life successes the Minish we need to start with our children and making sure that we're being proactive and how we read about the Tate and more sort of all of our young people the convention on the rights of the child recently clarified fourteen as the minimum reasonable age for juvenile court prosecution and it also prohibits prosecuting children under age eighteen and adult court Evans says children anyone's deserve rights that are at least consistent with the global consensus there's no reason we can't move towards these goals even out there pretty lofty they're good sort of star in the sky that we should try to follow cook county's twenty eighteen ordinance raising the minimum age of detention from ten to thirteen was recently overturned by a state appellate court however there are continued state legislative efforts to raise the age for public news service I merry Sherman the Israeli military said it struck dozens of what it claimed were Aronian targets in Syria the British based Syrian observatory for human rights said the air strikes killed five Syrian troops sixteen a Ronnie and and Ron backed fighters and two Syrian civilians Israeli military said its fighter jets hit multiple targets belonging to Iran's elite Quds force including surface to air missiles weapons warehouses and military bases after the Syrian military fired an air defense missile the Israeli military said a number of Syrian aerial defense batteries were also destroyed today's Israeli air strikes on Syria were the most intense since last January Israel said it strikes were a response to four rockets fired from Syria towards Israel yesterday Iran had no immediate comment but Russia condemned Israel's military strikes saying they were in violation of international law in a rebuke to the trump administration the fourteen other United Nations Security Council members today strongly opposed to the U. S. announcement that it no longer considers Israeli settlements to be a violation of international law they warned that the new American policy undermines a two state solution to the Israeli Palestinian conflict the council's monthly Mideast meeting just two days after U. S. secretary of state Mike Pompeii owes announcement was dominated by negative reaction to the new American policy from countries representing all regions of the world who said all Israeli settlements are illegal under international law only Israel's U. N. ambassador Danny Danon who is not a council member spoke in support of the U. S. action William Dennis lab reports the United Nations Security Council has convened for the first time since the US decision to team Israeli settlements in the west bank as legitimate head of the meeting the UK Poland Germany France and Belgium issued a joint statement condemning the decision is the U. K.'s ambassador to the U. N. Karen PS opposition on Israeli settlement policy in the occupied Palestinian territory including East Jerusalem is clear and remains on change all settlement activity is illegal under international the trump administration has announced that decision will give Israelis and Palestinians more room to negotiate over the status of settlements Israel's ambassador to the U. when Danny down on priest Washington's move and accused in you members of engaging in a propaganda campaign William Denslow New York two US service members were killed today when their helicopter crashed in Afghanistan the US military said without providing more details the statement said the cause of the crash is under investigation but that preliminary reports do not indicate it was caused by enemy fire but the Taliban promptly claimed to have shot down the helicopter in eastern Logar province causing many fatalities the U. S. military's dismissing the Taliban claim is false today's crash brought the number of US deaths in Afghanistan this year to nineteen they're also been three one combat deaths this year more than two thousand four hundred Americans have died in the nearly eighteen year long war reporter Gillian wolf has more the US military in Kabul says that early reports don't indicate the helicopter crash was caused by enemy fire but that it is under investigation today's incident brings the total number of US service member deaths to nineteen that's the highest number of casualties in five years the Taliban claims of responsibility for Wednesday's crash comes a day after a long awaited prisoner swap between the Taliban and the Afghanistan government I'm joined wolf in New York you're.

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