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To people Texas reporting it single highest daily rate of increase of coronavirus infections the number of cases in the state jumping by more than eighteen hundred in a single day tropical storm Arthur set to impact parts of North Carolina forty mile per hour winds three hundred eighty miles per hours south southwest of Cape Hatteras you're listening to ABC news news radio time one oh two some new data on a possible treatment for covert nineteen convalescent plasma treatment involves taking plasma from recovered patient and giving it to someone is still fighting the disease we still don't know the effectiveness of this treatment even though it hurts really encouraging anecdotal stories Dr Steven Cobb with century health Denver hundreds of people in the state have gotten that treatment recent numbers show fifty four patients receive the treatment at Chinsurah hospitals and so far twenty have been discharged at the Medical Center of Aurora eighty five percent of the people receiving the treatment have survived red flag warnings up today for a large portion of south western Colorado and things will not die down quickly Monday the fire danger will spread into pretty much all of central and southeastern south central Colorado as well where humidity is will be lower and winds are really gonna start to increase its meteorologist Dave Barton broke with the National Weather Service those parts of the state will see gusty winds low relative humidity and dry fuels governor poll is changing his mind on signature collecting rules during the pandemic governor Poloz says petitioners can now gather signatures by mail and email he signed an executive order.

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