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How can she get away with this? I understand why he would crack down at this moment. But with all of these increased demands, how can it be that the Chinese people are letting it happen? You know, it's always difficult to measure public opinion in China because there's no way we can conduct surveys or anything like that. I could say for sure that there has been a lot of criticism. There has been some blowback against she for doing this on the other hand, I think over the course of the last forty years what we've seen is that the party has managed to make it bargain with the people, which is the party delivers a better life for you as long as you stay out of politics. And so far that people have been willing to take that. Please stand up the party's deliver is as long as you leave the party alone. Leave the party alone. You let the party stayed charge. And we will continue to give you economic growth to give your children a better life. Shoot. I swear that. To the constitution of the People's Republic. China be loyal to the country and the people foods and work hard to help build Morton. Country. Strong take constantly advanced Shushi. Komo news. She. Xi jinping. The biggest blow to this idea that China was going to open up because of the new prosperity was.

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