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The makers of the movie podcast who shot ya comes maximum film. that's right. We changed the name of our show maximum films. But don't worry we're still a movie review. Show that isn't just a bunch of straight white dude's maximum home at maximum fund dot org or wherever you get your podcast bullseye jesse thorn. My guest is the great sam. Richardson he played. Richard split in the hbo show veep and he created and starred in the fantastic comedy. Central sitcom detroiters. Sammy's also the star of the new action movie the tomorrow war which streaming now on amazon prime and you can see him playing the lead in the horror comedy where wolves within which you can buy or rent now. Let's get back into our conversation. Did you have a different class position in the states and in ghana and in london. If you're visiting family there yes in the states yeah My my family was in into politics. My aunties a congresswoman you know involved in politics and all that sort of stuff And like you know like like middle-class now african american family in detroit and detroit being a predominantly black city. Let's get ghana my grandfather. Who was a chief Like a businessman solely. We were upper class in ghana. Two drivers and cooks in all that sort of that sort of thing where like the economy of wealth also like lends itself to that. Where like you have the haves and you have the have nots. Is the haves if you don't have a cook and drive in your you're responsible because you have to employ people you know that sort of thing. Now now. there's a full middle class in ghana. The i think the benefit technology in becoming a exponentially more available and useful and cheap kinda like allows that to happen But it was an interesting thing to go from being at the top of the mountain to being in even even in detroit even among all the black people. You know you're still he. You're still second class you. You know that makes sammy force makes sense because what it is but you can certainly see you come back to the states and like even if we all use your black people around you if you turn on the tv you. Don't you know in in so like that's the culture there And here but versus ghana was like. Oh everybody's black and all the president's black here the you know the the parlance all black here You know like every the king of the the chief of in prices black the chief of tissier's black the chief of you know the o'mahony as black or african you know everything but then you still have These interests from other nations and colonialism still has its its grips there so like a lot of the wealth is still diverted to white nations into white people. I am a friend of mine growing up Schools names. Alex and his dad worked in the gold mines and i was like he's from canada and i say why why they. Why do why do you have access to our goldmines i. They never made sense to me. This resource surely. This is our resource the mind and then we sell it. Why why is that not the case but even still i. It's it's Befuddling to me but that sort of thing like you know like age-old lines cutting in drawn like literally lines drawn in the earth to say that this is what ghana is and this is what africa is and we've accepted that and that's what our world is even in this place where mike. Oh well in. America you know it's it's at the second i it's at the behest or at the sort of whatever. The service of white people is in africa. It's that way as well because that's global Yeah i did other kids at school in detroit where you grew up. No you are think of you as ghanaian not really Been pretty americanized. But i was. But i i was like i was like the african prince. That's like it was. Because i went to a small school that kind of fades pretty quick. Because you know we're there's like fifteen kids in my graduating class from middle school. I went to a friend school so it's the same kids from first grade to eighth grade. You know so the idea of meeting after there was there was one kid who was new. I just moved back from ghana. Maybe two years previous and i And she was new to the class in. I convinced her that i was british. And she believed it and everybody was gail. Play this game so as crew truly cruel. Everyone was on board for this whole thirteen other. Like what about staff staff. I also the idea. Was that the you know. The quakers are known for cruelty cruelty. They love they love to get one up on frank. Wars wake communities have a meeting at that that silence where everyone is contemplating whether they should be there. Actually just letting cockroaches cockroaches loose trouser right people's ears. It's it's a funny quaker prank. But like i but also the game there was when i was using my american accent. That was me trying to fit in into them when i was talking to her around. Like wow you know like like she was like the only one who really knew that. I was british. Maybe a couple of people is this story. Ever told your therapist about no. No okay i would. I don't know if you have a therapist but it's possible it might have some symbolic and probably it probably does i. I have a good buddy from back home. Where i'm from san francisco. Who is now an emmy winning television host. He's a stand up comic for a long time still has a stand up comic and Because he is a huge guy has an afro and wears glasses as he fell into show. Businesses best friend category immediately and very hard in had to try and figure out what to do about the fact he's also very genial way people like him because he seems like a nice guy he is a nice guy that's why yeah but Why people like him because he seems like a nice guy and It took him a long time to find his own career voice because of that Now you are a guy who comes over on screen and in real life is a notably nice guy which means that if you want to have in your also very good at. You're a skilled performer. So if you wanna have a career being a nice friend on every television show in in every movie ever made. Y'all allow a home here in los angeles and and have health insurance for a long time. Are there things that you want to do or wish you could do. That are difficult to access from that place of of people immediately saying you has a nice friend. Yes but i think i'm actively working to sort of an widening that breath I offered characters who have backbone a lot of times. It's always like a person's like tripping over himself and yoko. Because i think i am good imbuing kindness and sort of likeability to character who is like a sad sack otherwise you know like i said we guy I think i'm good at and the people i think. Look to me to try and find a way to like make that person likeable and.

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