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Where deloris is you know smashing? Jody pieces with a sledgehammer lake. She is in misery with Paul Sheldon. Kathy Bates is in misery with Paul Sheldon. And it's just one of those things where movies like this Shawshank Green Mile. You're kind of in awe of of how these came to life on the screen. Because you know Shawshank wasn't a long story it was a novella and I think that worked perfectly for for the way that Frank Darabont did that adaptation and then he goes on to do the green mile which will be coming up relatively soon. If I'm not mistaken on the podcast this but then you have something like Loris clayborn where maybe not a ton of people talk about it because it even though it because even though it stands ends the test of time I think very well. It's one of those stories that I think didn't quite hit as mainstream as some of the others did. I think this is more of a kind of Nisha. Stephen King Fans know about this movie and this story. And you know I know. People who didn't even realize Shawshank was a Stephen King Fan. So so how you know that. Hit a whole different level but with this I feel like it's kind of one of the more underrated king adaptations. Yeah I think so too I I think like you said it's not a horror story but it very much deals with a horrific acts and they're unfortunately everyday kind of horrific acts of bad marriages and abusive parents and abusive work situations with complicated relationships. Like these are all things that you actually experience. It's not like pennywise the clown in it. It's very much everyday life and this is not a happy story. No no it's not like shawshank where you have that ending like. He goes through hell but he makes it out. It's like there's a reconciliation at the end and that some I'm kind of positive ending but like Dolores is still on that island and she's still the same person and Selena still has trauma that she needs to work through and overcome. It's a very hard movie to watch at some points and I think that can be kind of off putting for people bill and that I think is partially why. This one isn't looked at as often when we talk about great king stories. And you you know when you read the book we talked about this one and Gerald's game you know how these are very much companion pieces to each other both of them deal with very personal L. Horrors and I think this film Manages Lake Shawshank Redemption to capture all of that and make it feel very visceral unreal in particular like the only part I think I would have liked more to touch. Lamb to touch on was vera delores relationship because we get a lot more of that in the book look on understanding how the two of them were and how they had had this very strange bond and even though Vera is obviously like incredibly difficult to deal with like there is like Selena talks about in the end like these two women love each other and they've been supporting shooting each other for so long even though they're both keeping secrets from each other. And it's just. This is very much a woman's story and I think that probably also contributes contributes to the fact that it's not as well regarded or known as kings other books because it is so much focused on women's experiences and those just unfortunately don't don't make as big a splash stories that focused on either groups or men. It's such a great example of King's non on horror work that even though it's hard to watch it's really unnecessary. Watch if you're a King Fan. Oh absolutely and I'm glad you brought up the Dolores and bureau relationship because it's like we get a good feel for how it was at the beginning and a good feel for how it was at the very end there but there. There isn't a whole lot of meat on what happened in between we do see you know when the husband comes during the summer and he's hitting hitting the golf balls and Delors is trying to hang up the sheets in the very very particular spot that veer likes them but as far as their personal relationship. Goes we get a little bit of it. You know when Dolores finds out about what's happening to Selena and I think that was a very nice this moment between those two characters because Vera always put off this idea that she didn't care about other people and she didn't in care about what other people were going through especially people who weren't of her status in the world and that was changed because because she had this kind of connection with Dolores and I agree it would have been nice if they had touched on it a little more. I think what they did give us though was he's good enough to put the pieces together yourself but it would have been nice if you didn't have to put those pieces together right and it. It requires that and seeing where Selena's is in the office with all the cops and I don't know the judge who the guy was they. Don't tell us a little confusing. Yes but like then she. She has to give her like speech about this. What was going on so we need? We did for those who haven't read the book. I feel like he probably did Kinda need that to put the pieces together but if you have read the book it feels like they hit all those spots you need to in order to get to show that relationship yet. 'cause it you don't necessarily have to know that Vera is just miserable and living a horrific half-life like we get so much more above in the book they do just enough. You know like I said the script and this is just amazing because of how well it manages to pull all these little bits together and make it into one good story that gives us that same feeling as the book because that was for me a big part of it is how well L. IT mimics the book in how the emotional reactions that it tries to elicit from the viewer right. It's one of those adaptations that doesn't require you. Having read the book beforehand to understand the essence of what is going on in this story and who these characters are. And I like when adaptations do that even even though they obviously had to change a lot from the book to be able to get all of these points across it worked very well and there are certain King King Books. That are just so hard to adapt in a way that would allow that to happen. I think it is a good example of that because of the fact back that. There's so much detail in that book in particular because it's you know roughly eleven hundred pages long no matter what cops you get of it and yes. There's so much that you just can't put in one movie or even two movies in the case of the recent adaptations. Because is you're always going to have to leave something out and I think with this even though they left out the fact that Selena had siblings. And you don't really really hear much about veras children or anything like that. It worked because you knew all of the players and you knew who they were at their core and that just came across so well and you know I definitely want to talk about the cinematography in this because there are so many do things that contrast with one another when you have Selena and Dolores arriving at the house because Dolores had ended up living living with Vera it's just so dilapidated and graffiti is everywhere. And then you get. These flashback images as of veras summer house that Vera basically changed out the furniture in all the time and you have her bossing these people around and you just get this difference in status so quickly when you see how these two characters are living right. It's it's very shocking. The contrast they have and in particular how they shoot this is how they shot. This is kind of surprising. prizing at how hard day go with The filters on this because all of the scenes in the president are given this blue filter that at first I was too much. Maybe maybe a little too much like feeling everyone kinda looks blue skinned here. But then once it starts flipping flipping back to show the past everything is really saturated and bright colors. And it's a really great great way to show how the events of the past have kind of drained a lot of life from the characters that were seeing being in the present because that's how it feels like they all feel very not sad but depressed or flats because because of all the things they've been through and even that goes to the detective character who's played by Christopher plummer. WHO's obviously still holding on to all this frustration astray Shin over not being able to get to learn convicted for murdering Joe? Yeah and we don't really find that out until halfway through I would say it doesn't really become clear why he's being in such a hard asked about this and then once we find that out we see how this is still really affected him too and he's not even you know he does not even part of this family doesn't know everything that was going on. It's the case that got away from him basically and it's the one that right kind of seems to keep him up at night because I'm sure there are plenty of detectives who have similar real life stories of you know there's first this one case I was never able to solve and it kept me up at night and as you and I know just sort of paying a little attention to true crime came in general. You're kind of like Oh man. There are so many cold cases out there that got away from people for one reason or another whether it was there was a lack of evidence. Or you know it's something from before all of this technology existed and now it's like you know the evidence assist to disintegrated maybe even to get all of this new technology working on those pieces of evidence. So you just have these cases that get away from people and because Joe fell down the well even though he had a little help it was probably going to be too hard to prove that. Oh no he actually could have hit his his head on a rock at the bottom of the well or something right right. I think it was a good choice. As opposed to in the book where it's much more obvious that he had some help with his death because she has to like brain him with Iraq and everything and I think because this movie is a simplified version. I think it works works to have him just kind of fall right in because then it is very much like well. He was drunk and wandering around. You know you have no proof that Delors had anything to do with this because Joe was a known drunk and that scene is shot so well too because you have just you know the setup beforehand of deloris I coming across the hidden well basically because she trips on it and then it's not like that idea fosters right away. It's when she finds out about what's been happening to Selena and then she kind of thinks back to. Oh Hey you know I can piss him off enough to have him chase after me and All nowhere this is. It wasn't like as soon as she tripped over it. She was like. Oh this is how. I'm going to kill Joe. It was something in the back of her mind and then when they framed how oh she jumps over it and Joe Falls into it. I just thought that sequence was done so well and you know like we've already said this is one of the sort of topped your adaptations for us. And I've noticed this common theme of the cinematography being something that really stands out in these top tier adaptations. Yes yes and I think the cinematography they use and how they shoot that scene and the fight that they have like you know she has. That conversation was vera. Vera's like you need to Kelham Kalem girl. Just kill him. Come on now fuck that guy. Is this essentially. Vera is doing vera makes possible. She's like okay. Go home go home and kill him. Come on get it over with like you. Don't need like husbands have accidents every day. Yup Yup one is happening probably right now while you're weeping so you know that's how she killed her husband. It was just right. You know this accident that they can't prove Yup and then how they shoot because you know as viewer a you know. It's coming and you'll see how Kathy Bates is playing dolores as this delicate dance of like getting Joe Comfortable so he'll get really drunk and then she's like okay..

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