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By honcho, and his group shares the project that that response rate goes up to sixty percent. Wow. So that's the highest. And there's no reason to take those patients will be around for ten years while we have to wait. See we don't know yet. Hopeful. But also it's been approved by the food Drug administration for lung cancer kidney cancer, bladder catcher Hodgkin's follow so cancer head net. Catcher few others. Fifteen indications has been approved for and burying response. Rates for from just being to fifty percent. And so it's that that basic defector proves any doctor, of course to prescribe them. I just heard you say head and neck cancer, which I've never heard of until this moment, and that's not brain in throat that's actually heading. It's is from either smoking are human papillomavirus. The people that treat Abaco ours. Ours could a lot. Okay. Okay. So I quick question. Just before we go to our fan base. And because that they're the ones that supplied the foundation of questions that is going to make this show. Procedurally if you can demonstrate that something you're working on cures cancer in mice or rats. Do you have to have human trials for to still be approved by the FDA? Yeah. Absolutely. When I started on this a lot of people said to be anybody, get your cash advice. Oh, wow. That's funny that my gosh. Yeah. So that you know that we call those haters. People need education. But but yeah, you have to have the trials to prove it safe in. You know to do advocacy. Yeah. But what something that was revealed in a movie that Dallas buyers club? The Dallas buyers club the FDA was the enemy. And then in the said, the FDA loosened some rules to get drug into use even before trials are fully completed. If I'm about to die to say, oh, this might not be this drug might be safe for you. But it could cure me an entirely that the F the efficacy of that feels wrong. Yeah. It's a complicated. Subject only. My brother. Ed, metastatic prostate cancer. And while we were developing this jug, and I really wanted to get it to him. But could the reason his, you know, the companies that are helped Beverly I couldn't develop by myself had teamed up with a tech company to actually make the drug itself, then they had to get approved do these trials which they can only make so much. And if they try on people outside of a trial and hurt them or or killed him. Then that's that ruins the drug. You know, so. The risk of slowing down. It's just a. And these trials I think what they've done especially since two issues you're talking about they become a lot faster now. So this class of drugs, they they've really greased rails on it. Now where enough experience rated, you know, if you showed Alaska see that's good enough because they don't now about the safety. Yeah. Wow. So Chuck, let's go to our fan base. Okay. So do you have Kyle Ryan Toth from patriot and says this along with our search for curing cancer once eight forms are we researching ways to prevent cancer from even developing a yes. And that that's that's a great question way. Yeah. We working on that. Actually, there's some vaccines for H P and do cervical cancer, for example that just word of wisdom. I think all teenage kids may. Male and female need to get that back saying before they become sexually active because we can completely present that disease. Now, the normal cancer catcher that we're talking about here melanoma and stuff like that. It's just so hard to predict who's going to respond and. What the targets are immune system just attacks stuff. In almost every case is different. There are some hereditary cancers, though, might be able to vaccinate people to really give serious consideration already have some lesions that may predispose the then we could take care of that. Jim is it is it that the we have one word to describe all of these kinds of cancers. So we think of them as one monolithic target to attack. But maybe we need different words for them. All so that we can think of them as things that were respond to their own unique solutions. Right. I mean, it used to be it was cancer. Then we realized we I'm speaking for the whole field. People realize that you know, there's skin cancers breast cancers, code caches..

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