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No dream it drink do into into it. But then like, yeah, after that, will surfing move into east coast. Jared looks at real estate every night on the east coast, my godson, he misses. Okay. He's putting it in the universe. I like it. You can have places in both. I like that too because that's what I tell them to do all the time either. Yeah. I mean, we're about this actually. When we talked about how you were like, usually when I put something out there, I usually get what I wanted comes at, you know, in this is what you what happened with you. You gave got, Jared, we were talking about putting things out in the universe. Oh, totally. Yeah, I what harder percent believe in the power. I can't wait to Broadway show. I already started thinking about what how bell is going to. My mom will stay one week and then Evan will come home and I'll live like maybe Grammercy park really pretty over there. Perfect lead in my show. I'm not even joking you I might. I'm so ready. Can I be a backup dancer though? Are you a good dancer? I actually I actually, so in high squad like in competitive show choir, really good at harmonising and dancing, but I just want to be like a tree in the background or something. Definitely. Harley. Dinky. How well you in the lead role. Oh my gosh. Thank you so much. I, I will take it. Coming to see it with Carly as liner listen. That would be mazing, but my dream so that I mean that does fit in big picture. If you guys want to move back to the east coast, a lot of Broadway's in New York, you'll be closer. I'm like, hey, you if we make the broadly, Jim have within five years, which is so not good, you know, very, no, listen, actually, that's my also my dream evident talking about it. Yeah. I said, I wanna do Broadway show in the next five years trying to figure out what like if I want another baby or not, and how I would fit that in like no joke. The only reason I say it would be longer than five years is because the musical that I wrote when I'm not even joking, you of twenty two, I wrote a musical the summer getting out of college and it's just it's not the music obviously. But I wrote a story line around pop music with my favorite pop music song, healing. We need to get the rights to the music, and apparently that could take like way over five years. But I know the we can do it, get it in the worst. I'll help. I don't know what to do, but I'll help you do it. Well, comforting to dreams at once. So yeah, I love it. Yeah..

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