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It doesn't it's frustrating, Brentwood will show. Seven sixty talking breaking news headline Cal fire units are battling three small brush, fires in the east county at this hour. The fires broke out along highway ninety four and del sur. They're hitting the flames with from the air and on the ground stretch of the rural highway is closed at this hour. No homes are in the area. The boy that was attacked by amount line Sunday has been released from the hosp. Title and his back with his family and their Rancho pen, -squitoes home tonight. Meanwhile, the hiking trails at the lowest Pinski does canyon preserve remained closed, even though these suspected mount line has been shot and killed good news for those attending the fair this year, a main road into the fairgrounds has reopened just days before the fair opens Jimmy Durante boulevard in del mar was closed last month after a bluff, collapse, at rocks and debris onto the roadway. A retaining wall was completed in the road reopened today. You're never more than fifteen minutes away from the top stories of the day on the breadwinner, bowl show, AM seven sixty talk and breaking news, AM, seven, sixty talk and breaking news. AM seven sixty tramping. I fifteen southbound past two 163 earlier crash, everything, right shoulder travelers still delayed, there, also five southbound before Balboa avenue, a crash clearing stages of bridge. Eastbound you're midspan stalled clearing. This report sponsored by Haggerty. For people who love cars, take Californian need collector, car insurance, only Haggerty has the expertise and passion to protect your car, HOGAN tagger, d dot com slash west or with your local agents Armstrong and Getty tomorrow morning, from ten AM seven sixty. He seeks an IT project manager biologists responsible for organizational change.

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