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A big impact on the economy. Keep it here for full details on these stories in the minutes ahead. 5 18. We've got traffic and weather on the 8s, some things already bubbling up Jack Taylor. It is unfortunately early this morning in fairfax, Virginia state authorities are dealing with a crash on 66 eastbound before 50 exit 57. It's pretty much occupying the better part of the left side of the roadway. I think one lane to the right is getting by just again follow police direction. It's an unexpected slowdown as you go approach and pass the fairfax county Parkway right now. It's about the only thing happening on 66 east or west between front royal and Rosalind. There was a hiccup on 95 going toward thornburg, headed south down near exit one 18, some activity remains along the left side of the roadway it's really not a big factor at this point. 95 headed northbound, leaving Fredericksburg headed through woodbridge so far without delay earlier herd word 95 northbound after 6 44. There had been a broken down bus in the right lane. Now there's really not much of a slowdown there, so if it is still there, you're approaching it at speed, please be careful. Three 95 so far fine, leaving the beltway north up toward the 14th street bridge. No troubles on the beltway yet between Alexandria and mcclain. Looking good downtown, no hiccups across the freeway, New York avenue, D.C. two 95, I two 95, heard word of a vehicle broken down in northwest. That's a long Massachusetts avenue near 34th street. You may find authorities on scene. Bellway and Maryland's fine so far, topside outer loop, no delay yet from 95 toward Georgia avenue, looking for a crash on the inner loop between two O two and arena drive between exits 17 and 16, two 70s fine getting out of Frederick running south toward the lane divide and it appears all of our overnight work that was in a crash north on two 70 in the local lanes up toward Montgomery village avenue. All that's gone. Jack, Taylor, WTO P traffic. Now to storm team four meteorologist Mike stenner, Mike, what are we looking at this morning kind of a mix? Kind of a mix, but the good news the air is dry and there's really

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