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Love NPR reporters for their wonderful instantly recognizable names Lord Disc Garcia Navarro. Dina, Temple Ralston Charlene hunter-gault and Korva Coleman. If, we had a litter of kittens. We would name them after NPR. Reporters are Persian. CATS WOULD BE NITA ULABY and psoriasis hardy. Nelson are Bengal cat would be Lakshmi Singh and our American shorthair cat would be renamed on Dane. And our favorite cats. Of course, the ones closest to our hearts would be Ari. Shapiro and you can Gucci. Are In. Yuki. Curl up beside my wife and me every night as we fall asleep too familiar voices on the radio. Okay that was great. Way To take those names and turn them into literal cats, but it's true every time you hear a voice on NPR. You think okay, really born that way. Or do they go to the courthouse and change the name because? Sylvia Jolie. Reporting from. Reporting Right Okay, so you know you're you've moved from the law to. A different path to teaching your settled in Charlotte Adjusting Wales. You're listening to the voices of NPR. You, trust these voices that you listen to which kind of leads to. This idea of truth. That you explore to when your podcast. In fact, the next couple rates here are going to deal with. Truth Happiness and virtue okay. So what inspired this particular Esa more that deals with truth and humanities. I was interviewing Charlie Albertson, and if you know Charlie, he works at reward and he is a marketing executive. And he spends his day excavating and clarifying what a company wants to say their brand. And the questions he asks are really about. How people are moved emotionally encountering a product or service. And the questions really are absolutely similar to the same questions that the humanities ask as disciplined. What is it mean to be human? What is it that we respond to? How are we wired to make sense of our lives? And as a child of the liberal arts as a child of humanity's. That's what I thought about when I was inspired by Charlie. And that's what you wrote about so if you'll start right there. I'm a humanist. I studied humanities. The humanities asked the question. What does being human mean? It seeks the truth of being human. The humanities, history, philosophy, religion, language, literature, and the arts record. Our answers to that question answers that are always true in revealing something about ourselves. My love for the amenities was planted early in life as I listened to. My Dad tells stories of Nineteenth Century Jewish merchants who emigrated to the Amazon jungle? The Love was tended by public. School Teachers New York. Who Read T S? Eliot and Catholic nuns in Rio de Janeiro. Who Played The music of the Beatles on Acoustic Guitars? The, Love Flower in college as they read Fitzgerald and Bond Hoffer. The humanities ask why we are here. And what to make of pride and despair, the humanities glorify and challenge our earthly vanities as the skull of Poor York did for Hamlet. The humanities howl at. Headed hipsters who burn for ancient heavenly connections to the story dynamos of the night. And they give hope to skywalking heroes who fly into the depth of death stars. So mark that's a very poetic and his listening to that and thinking about all the people that you interviewed including people that are in business I wonder how many times during the day they had the chance to sit and reflect. On these kind of things, and and yet this podcast you do. kind of what you're. You're forcing them to do right I mean not forcing them, but you're sitting down and giving them. I guess the privilege to sit there and think about these broader questions while the privilege was mind certainly, but yes, I do think that in our hearts we all want to have these conversations we go about our lives and have to manage the challenges of the day and living in the twenty first century and paying our bills. But in our hearts at two o'clock in the morning we're staring at the ceiling. There's something more primal, an essential going on, and and my job was to do my best to express that poetically. Some mark we're GonNa get to some Some other ways that people can you know? Make sense out of the of their lives, but a Lotta Times people think about. How can it be happy you know? I can have a fulfilled life And Happiness hedonistic was happy to something else, and so you actually wrote an essay. About the well, happiness is a topic in a module in this course that I teach called the good life. But in this instance I was having a conversation with Geiger who is a leadership, organizational advisor and counselor. And consultant and we were talking about how she works with organizations to make sure that they operate more effectively and invariably happy employees came up for discussion. And so it was in that context that I wrote these words, key strategies for happiness include being inflow flow is absorption in one's work that is a perfect blend of challenge and skill. Creative insight is heightened and time flies by having more flowing. Our lives makes us happier. Another strategy for being happy is practicing mindfulness. Mindfulness is being in the present moment. It is fully attending to what is happening both outside us, and within us we are alert to the sensations, our minds and bodies we become more mindful through conscious intention and movement, a third strategy for being happy as learned optimism, the idea of learned optimism is that we can cultivate resilience and empowerment. We can practice replacing negative self talk with positive thoughts and behaviors. We gain a greater internal sense that we can control events and outcomes. Like that mark being in the flow mouth on this and also. This idea of optimism being an optimist. Well I don't know if people say monopoly optimist club member for for many years, the first lounge creative, which is promise yourself to be so strong that nothing can disturb your peace of mind so there you go. That's a good way store well. Okay now. You know you can't happiness. without having some meaning and purpose to your life right and you talk about this concept of virtue which are going to do a short read on before the break here that topic came up when you were interviewing carol hardest on a believe Todd Essay Life of care and virtue. Can you talk just briefly about what led you to? Include that in your essay through the discussion with her. Makara leads crisis assistance. Ministry which is an organization that provides assistance and advocacy for people in financial crisis. and to spend time with.

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