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Fair skies. Thirty eight degrees in central park. And the winds though are picking up nice tomorrow as I said, although it is cold. But tomorrow, we're going to get a messy mix of snow, sleet, and rain and that will arrive around noontime so watch for that it's thirty eight and fair once again in central park at twelve oh three Amazon's deal to set up a headquarters and Long Island city queens has drawn complaints from elected officials and this morning, a protest Queen city council member Jimmy van Bremer feels public resources would be better served serving the people of New York with a mass transit crisis with a public housing crisis with a million different things that we could have used this money for the governor and the mayor conspired secretly to cut a deal with Jeff Bezos to the exclusion of everyone else. Our Marla diamond is covering that protests there today, we should be hearing from her a little later on now Amazon's plans for Long Island city could mean big changes for the real estate market on Long Island. Here's Sophia hall to talk about that here on Long Island, many times a house goes up for sale and within weeks that house is under contract you blink. And it's gone real estate agent. Lisa Kennedy with Eric Ramsey and associates tells me those employed at Amazon in Long Island city will likely be focused on buying a Nassau County and these specific areas, I'm thinking the towns that are going to have the networks on island are going to be places like Manhattan, Rockville centre garden city, Roslyn, Jericho Glen cove oyster bay because they all are much closer. She says the issue will be first-time homebuyers. It's hard for them now to buy a home, but with the Amazon competition, you're absolutely going gab more of an employee. Rated market than we have right now and our market on Long Island is already in plated routinely. Things are selling between twenty and twenty five thousand dollars over half price right now. Sophia hall WCBS NewsRadio eighty at twelve oh five the judge in the trial of accused drug Lord, Joaquin El Chapo Guzman has admonished his lawyer for accusing Mexican president of taking bribes that lawyer Jeffrey Lichtman made the claim during an opening statement, former Mexican president Felipe a called the own the spokesman for current president and wreak opinion NATO vehemently denied those claims Lichtman also claim that his client was not the real leader of a cartel that sent tons of cocaine into the US he blamed another reputed trafficker who he said evaded capture with varieties a subsidiary of Johnson and Johnson is being sued by the state of New Jersey for deceiving. Patients about the safety of its addictive painkillers. According to New Jersey's attorney. General the seeds of the opioid epidemic were planted in part right in New Jersey's own backyard. The state has filed a lengthy lawsuit against Johnson and Johnson subsidiary Janssen pharmaceuticals in Raritan, alleging deceptive marketing in pushing a couple of its opioid pain medications attorney, general Gerber gray wall. They funded bogus research. They pushed bogus theories like pseudo addiction things that have been debunked. They said that they position to Cinta Cinta ER as a safer alternative to other more powerful opioid drug says, the director mentioned one. In fact, they were the same types of opioid drugs Janssen defends its marketing practices and refutes the allegations. This is the third such lawsuit filed by New Jersey as it attempts to hold pharmaceutical companies accountable for the addiction crisis. According to the.

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