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Free samples free shipping with the new promos around every month you'll save even more use the promocode Ramsey to get the best possible deal the next question is from Jameson in Virginia we're making our last debt payment with a bonus check I received we about six thousand are left over after the pay off should we use at the jumpstart our emergency fund or upgrade my car I currently drive a nineteen ninety eight Volvo with almost three hundred thousand miles on it well you definitely need a car James somehow argue that at all but it's not an emergency and then you get your merchant she found in place before you do non emergencies I think the first thing I'm going to do after I get my emergency fund in place to save up for that car but I want your margins to fund of three to six months of expenses in place and then we're gonna move up out of the hoop Dee and move on with our life rituals with us in San Diego hi Rachel how are you I'm doing pretty good to help how are you good so my husband and I have a question I'm I'm at home full time with my two kids and I come home I need about nine thousand a year between watching my niece and nephew and then it'll bring on the weekends and then my husband take home about thirty four thousand a year doing your financial peace class we're in our last couple weeks class we've got our emergency fund set up a lot that that we have is our credit card debt it's about eight thousand dollars in credit card good so and we finally did their out the there on our budget our highest thing is our car payment model he said the last thing with your credit card that she got a car how much do you own your car I'm so it's a lease so we cannot for thirty one a month for about eighteen months into it how many months as three years has your back with me we were about halfway we are starting a savings to be able to by the car afterward that car that I am currently making payments on is also the car that I used to make money every weekend okay yeah we went around the budget we have emergency fund we've been saving Arlene how can.

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