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Yes bought for two decades yeah twenty six what is wrong it's an incredible space it's not like washington avenue was nothing street there's a lot on washington avenue it makes me crazy of new york when i even in my neighborhood in brooklyn and you know i have smith canteen yes coffee shop you woke up smith street a little bit there's so many vacant storefronts that have been vacant since i've lived in the neighborhood for like eleven years i can't figure it out i when i think about our space in particular and and it's been vacant for twenty years but i do there are traces of someone trying to start a restaurant probably very legally because when we walked in there it was almost completely empty space except for the kitchen had some fake walls that a hood that was like hung by chain and it was like caddy campus it was not right there that i don't even know that we're chatty muffins oh my ohio showing it's you know kilter off kilter okay okay but we didn't say caddy growing up in staten island you probably have something much more jake yeah so the place was just raw and it looked like somebody maybe tried to start a restaurant but did not get very far well and i think about it sometimes like so was it that the people who own the building were old and they didn't know what they had because there are resonant there residential apartments above us and they've always been filled but the the commercial space not filled and i don't know why so they put it on the market are broker contacted us and we were looking at a few different spots so the way that this all kind of happened was i was i started a catering company with a friend and it it was it kind of right business wrong partnership and at that time the day before my business partner previous business partner and i were getting ready to sort all of the company.

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