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Yeah. My kids want them read. Dog. No, well, that's that's a lot of that's a real pet. Apartment building. It's a lot of work for the dog to be stuck in. But the hamster. No, we're gonna win. No at all. Is my they're all in the same family, by the way, squirrel is just a rat. With a full fluffy tail. It's it's in the same family right there. It's a little cuter. It is cuter because the fluffy tail, but it's still it's still a rat. Yeah. They don't have like even the nose is cuter than a rat knows. Like, you know, I had to make a question out of those funny tweets, and I think the question is fair hamsters real pets. No, no. By the way, when I. You know, having lived in New York, there are some of the most gigantic rats guy have ever seen some way earn entirely new. It is it is freaky. They're like darling sized rats, armadillos armadillos. Yeah. Geez. They are so scary. That's one of the scariest things living in New York. Is when you come across one of those. Yeah, they're in the subway subway in the sewers God. Oh fast track. All right. What are we got? Okay. Chuck Norris celebrators birthday over the weekend. He is seventy nine years old. It should be noted until this day until the day. He died my dad's favorite TV show. K Walker Texas ranger as he loved Walker. I think everybody's dad loved Walker Texas ranger. Here's the question who are the three greatest action heroes of all time. I teed you guys up on this in advance MoMA. What do you think? So I'm going to have to say Bruce Willis, Bruce, will I hard? Yeah. He's got that smirk. And he's funny. And I think he brings a depth to that character. Yeah. It's not just a he doesn't have a volume of action movies, the Diane movies that, but but that's not enough his other. No, I mean, it's a matter of opinion. This is completely subjective. But I don't think he's got a large enough body of action hero work. Okay. My other one Jones Harrison Ford Harrison Ford is definitely he's he definitely plays. He's and then I'm gonna go JAMES BOND. Well, JAMES BOND is a character. Right. Oh, so you mean like he changes? Okay. So you have to go, Sean Connery. I guess Sean Connery because Timothy Dalton don't go Tim on. Then let's say from Bonn. I'm just going to say Arnold Schwarzenegger because of totalitarian totality of his action. Movie were okay. Good, greg. What do you think? I got the rock Dwayne Johnson. Oh, that's good school. And he's he's I also think that because of the body of work, Tom Cruise is one hundred. Sent one of the best action heroes of all time right now. He's in every body work buddy of work. He does all he doesn't own stunts. I mean as much pressure to here, and Tom Cruise does does it doesn't matter. If you're tired of it or not he is. No. But I mean, I don't know that I'm not sure I think that's something. You just say all the videos video of him breaking. And also, he's hanging from a helicopter live helicopter beyond mission impossible. He's been in other things he was in like day and night, and he does other mission possible. Or the world's lateral minority report. The race car one. Oh thunder. Thunder. I see that. I'm also gonna go Sylvester Stallone sly. Okay. Lies all those Rambo movies. The predators been ton of. Okay. So I think the list has to include Scharzenegger..

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