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Before the final stage Testing is complete. I'm Mike Hampton, a government watchdog group has found the Labor Department's widely watched weekly unemployment benefits data are providing an inaccurate reading on the number of newly laid off workers. It's a flaw in the government's data collection system, which reports the number of people filing for a new applications and those receiving ongoing benefits. I'm Jackie Quinn, AP News More Election results are certified. I'm Jackie Quinn. With an AP News Minute elections. Officials in Wisconsin's a Democrat Joe Biden picked up dozens more votes after a recount in two counties and now the results are certified. I have examined the statement and I am now, citing it as the official state determination of the results of the November 3rd 2020 election. Arizona's also certified it's election results that give Joe Biden the victory, but the Trump campaign continues to threaten additional litigation. Biden and Vice President elect Kamila Harris finally received the president's daily brief today sensitive intelligence information on crucial situations. Covert cases are surging now, and that's before another spike that will result from Thanksgiving gatherings. Dr Anthony Fauci, 40 to 45% of the people who were infected have no symptoms. A record 93,000 people are currently hospitalized with the virus. I'm Jackie Quinn. The rush to develop a Corona virus vaccine esteemed ahead with news from Moderna, its candidate is effective, and the company is seeking authorization from the U. S and European regulators for its emergency use. It couldn't come fast enough. State and local authorities across the country are sounding alarms about ICUs that are full and another search of cases to follow the Thanksgiving holiday gatherings and travel. Stacy Morris is the nurse manager, the covert unit at Cleveland Clinic. You can't just snap your fingers and make more caregivers appear. Hospital systems in New York have been ordered to move patients. From crowded hospitals so less crowded ones in their systems and to get in touch with former staffers, Governor Andrew Cuomo says the next several weeks they're going to be really rough because of the holidays. They all increase social activity. They all increased mobility. And they will all increase viral transmission. Los Angeles County's 10 Million residents are understated homeowners. Sports have been banned in the Silicon Valley and people who traveled 150 miles outside that area. Now quarantined. I'm to McGuire. Tough new restrictions are taking effect across California. The state has hit a new record with 7400 coronavirus hospitalizations, Los Angeles County has imposed new rules. That asked residents to stay at home as much as possible. The virus has thrown the NFL season into chaos again. They're Ravens Steelers contest has been pushed to Wednesday with more than 20 Ravens on the cove in 19 list. Wisconsin's governor, Tony Evers, has signed certification of Joe Biden's win ahead of a promised lawsuit from the Trump campaign. Ah federal judge in New York says newly detained immigrants must appear before a judge within 10 days. This is AP News Company that started selling a new blood test that vows it can help diagnose Alzheimer's disease. The blood test from C two and diagnostics of ST Louis represents a long softly for the field and could make it easier for people to learn whether they have dementia. But independent experts are leery, raising concern about the test's accuracy as well as the impact of such life altering news results to support accuracy claims have not been published. Nor has the test been approved by the Food and Drug Administration. The test costs more than $1000 and is not covered by insurance. I'm Ben Thomas. The share of a San Juan County, Utah, says there won't be a big investigation into the disappearance of a silver monolith in the desert. It generated international attention. The object was there illegally to begin with placed on public land without proper permission. I'm Jackie Quinn. AP News A warning from the Fed chair. I'm Jackie Quinn with an AP News MINUTE Federal Reserve chairman Jerome Powell says the pace of improvement in the economy has moderated in recent months. He says future prospects remain extraordinarily uncertain, with people reluctant to engage in normal activities. Stocks ended the day lower. Nearly 1.2 million people passed through US airports yesterday about half assed, many as last year, but enough to raise major health concerns about the surging coronavirus. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo looking to find more doctors and nurses, every hospital has to identify retired nurses and doctors now We're already experiencing staff shortages, officials in Wisconsin and Arizona of certified their votes declaring Joe Biden the presidential winner and eat state gale force winds have bashed the Northeast U. S, prompting tornado watches and flash flood warnings. Power's out to thousands in Connecticut and Massachusetts. I'm Jackie Quinn. AP News I'm Jackie Quinn. Virus cases continue to search, But there's progress for another vaccine. Moderna Inc says that it's seeking approval from you. S and European regulators to allow emergency use of its coded 19 vaccine. New studies confirm the shots offer strong protection. That's the good news in Illinois Governor J. B. Pritzker warns of the current surge, which will be accelerated by millions of Thanksgiving gathering spreading cove. It 19 our ability to handle any new surgeon covert patients. Is still limited. If we're not especially careful right now. Surge will overwhelm our state's health care system. Still in Florida Republican Governor Rhonda Santa says he will not mandate masks and he will not close schools to in person learning people who advocate closing schools. For virus mitigation are effectively today's flat earthers. They have no scientific or evidence support Fed chair drone. Powell says the nation's economic outlook has moderated in recent months and is now termed extraordinarily Uncertain. Two more states today certify the votes that make Joe Biden the winner of the presidential race, Wisconsin and Arizona more from our soccer Madani in Arizona. This signed and sealed document now constitutes the official canvass. Results of the November 3rd 2020 general election. Secretary of state Katie Hobbs says it shows Biden narrowly won by about 10,500 votes, becoming just the second Democrat in 70 years to win Arizona. The president's lawyers work at a hearing with some state GOP lawmakers claiming voter irregularities. A race is finalized in New York State Republican John Cat KO wins reelection to the U. S. House stocks closed lower today. The Dow lost 271 points. This is AP News Miriam Webster's word of the year pandemic. The other two are large for Merriam Webster says the choice of pandemic probably is not going to be a big shock. Not only is it a technical term for widespread outbreak of disease, but it's become a mainstream word in 2020 pandemic first began trending online in January. It really took off in March after the World Health Organization declared the novel coronavirus as a pandemic searches for pandemic that day alone were 115,806. Percent higher than those for the same date. A year ago. A Moscow world's Gabriel the T S A says nearly 1.2 million people went through U. S airports yesterday. It's the highest number since the pandemic gripped the country back in March. The uptick comes despite pleadings of public health officials for people to stay home to limit further spread. I'm Jackie Quinn. AP News Hospital Systems, State health officials and governors across the country are extremely concerned about the pandemic even before the impact of the Thanksgiving gatherings. Stacy Morris is the nurse manager, the covert unit at Cleveland Clinic. You can't just snap your fingers and make more caregivers appear. Hospital systems.

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