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Had some of the most creative thoughts. I don't know what it is man but I still The house at the end of the day like everyone stack the dishes by the sink. I'm going to do them like it's almost like don't mess that thing up for me that mine. Don't do that like I get angry when I come down on. Someone is put the dish wait. They never put the dishes away correctly. There's a certain wing. You can just treat it like tetris. Game don't just put a dish dangling takes four rows than you have three spoons on the top Oh would you describing what it is about dishes? That's you consider it trigger sort of organizational parts of your brain. It is because it's like the you're looking at all of these disparate shapes and sizes. And you've got them all fit and a Lotta Times with story or a comedy bit. It's all these differing thought. Some of which looked at each other. How do you make it all make sense? So the dishes are like a symbol of that. And it's like it works that muscle in my brain that I can then apply to other concepts. So you know a big baking dish than I've got three little small condiment dishes how to get them all to fit the best and also sorta way said. I know the way the water is going to be. They all cleaned off Speaking of a specific Phrase do you remember coming up? A Sorghum Farms Amaranth flakes. Were there other options? What do you what was as dry? I don't remember again. It's just it's a whole Lotta just always have word to my head that I think refunding that. Maybe I'll use or maybe I won't and something about sorghum and ultra again sorghum into thing people that run the foreign don't know it. Surrogate minutes. The people buying the shale donor amendments. But they all know it sounds good and so that's what they slapped out on there. It doesn't mean anything it's like. The there's there's a great bit of Star Trek Trivia. I didn't know this 'til recently but If you watch a lot of a lot in the in the interior of the spatial there those big exposed pipes you know just that weird designed for no reason and have the words G. N. D. N. On them that's like a standard that everyone thought it sounded like an economic thing or a navy thing. It's a prop masters joke. Those letters Stanford goes nowhere. Does nothing more gun done? And that's like a thing that they have they kind of make fun of it a little bit with galaxy quest like there's no point in any of these designs so whenever you see that you'll see that in a Lotta In Science Fiction G. N. D. N. means so but it looks cool. It looks a little slap it on there because looking they're like yeah. I'm sure that means like gamma neutron drive. No nowhere does nothing away. Once you know that if you watch old science fiction you'll see it everywhere. Be Right back with more panels. All I am. A big proponent of therapy especially now this time is impossible to comprehend and it helps to have someone you can talk to who can help you process it. It makes sense to feel stressed anxious. Depressed and therapy is in some sort of magic cure. All it can lighten the load. I personally feel very fortunate that I've had a therapist. I've been working with for years and I want that for everyone whether you need some guidance on coming with moment or a struggling with stress anxiety isolation depression or any of the things. This pandemic is triggering. You're not alone better. Help offers online.

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