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Where did they put it right there on the lorraine shelf in the rain room full of potential movies. And they're like don't forget we whole room full of stuff that we can make movies of and apparently that's what they're doing. I mean i would imagine there'll be a conjuring for you know. They got years and years of stuff that they do I hope that it's less sort of superheroes e. I hope that it's less fantastical and a little bit more grounded in reality. Like this is the first conjuring movie where i was like. I felt this was the biggest stretch of based on a true story. Because there's a little bit was based on a true story but they were not running around in real life under a farm trying to destroy a satanist alter like that never happened in real life. Ed and lorraine and i would. I would have to have a conversation. I guess with their kids or whoever they're passed away unfortunately but they didn't do that. That didn't happen. It's never happened anybody. Well it may have been a change of director because this wasn't director james one. This is the first one that he had directed the country movie star. I wonder if he's gonna watch this one. It'd be like oh. I gotta go back to work getting it back for conjuring four. Yeah i gotta do it. I'm sure they'll make a conjuring for all announced so far is they're gonna make a second none movie. Because i guess this statistic is that the none is actually the highest grossing movie in the entire universe that we've talked about the non made the most money so they're gonna do another none movie and then They're doing Like i said a crooked man movie which is the guy that is in that music box in conjuring to the comes to life. So yeah. we'll see if that if that works. i hope. I hope that we've shed some light on this. I feel like. I feel like we've accomplished something here. Drake i. I'm interested in san the ones i haven't seen. I will sign that. I thank you for that. That's good now. Adding twelve hours fifteen hours. Yeah yeah and you only had to give me ninety minutes to sell you on it. So you know i thought you did it. I thought you did a tremendous job. telling me in everything but i have slate. Okay thank you all right all right. That's good thanks for listening following. Not say i'm on twitter. Instagram facebook and you to review subscribe. This has been taught sam wrestling..

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