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We take a different approach. Today. I'm proud to introduce our sharpest blades ever available at the same prices before as low as $2 each. They're a new, sharper version of our German engineered blades. Guys who shave forties a week have told us that with our new blades, their eighth shave is a smooth is there first and we stand by that with 100% money back quality guarantee at Harry's dot com Millions have already made the switch to Harry's. And we hope you will, too, with the special offer, get a Harry starter set featuring our new sharper blade awaited razor handle, shave gel and a travel cover. All for just three bucks, plus free shipping. Just go to Harry's dot com and enter 4455 at checkout. That's Harry's dot com code. 4455 Timing is everything. How about you're considering a refinance or reverse mortgage? Or you're ready to make that purchase? Interest rates are at rock bottom levels. The only place I recommend fellowship home loans for all your mortgage needs. For any of your lending. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac had planned attack on a 0.5% fee on their loans beginning in September, but they decided to push it to to December that means by the end of the year your loans were going to cost more. Now is the time to make that important phone called a fellowship home loans. Believe me, I've been there. I've seen how they do business. It's in their name fellowship home loans. Call 805 10 Mike to get the ball rolling. 805 10, 6453 or online. It's fellowship, home loans dot com slash mike G. Brian Mike and the fellowship family or the pros that I trust. To advise in today's Crazy market. Welcome Home Fellowship, Home Loan. Intercontinental Capital Group D B. A fellowship, home Loans, Equal housing Opportunity lender. MLS number 6134 My Gallagher. Stuck in traffic. We've got the answer favorites so pleasant Battery.

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