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And every so often you just needed a run out to radio shack they always had everything i need and get cable and this and that an and and they were invaluable to me i get that especially for parts and pieces yeah and you know i give massages a subject about some of these places but i will tell you a cash i can get anything i noticed i need radio shack i mean there's there's retailers out there like you know you think about the hardware as the true values sure that you know you need something you're building something you need it now you're now you're not waiting around i mean there's certain things there are some things you need immediately after you don't want to wait for delivery yeah and there are some things were going to what i can wait for the delivered yep gander mountain thirty two stores all of them close now gordon stores closed in april palest files for bankruptcy appeal lose just heart wrench with that because i by my shoes pay while david a closed all of but their closing eight hundred year source let's see what else twenty one a close neimanmarcus announce it's not paying interest on a bond to preserve cash then that's kind of a a a a awkward warning sign uh that something like that would happen of ventures closing stores dump getting ventures because for if a berra's lebie one hundred eighty stores here's holdings i can knocks i buy a worldwide algiers no i can't imagine the road they'll be able to survive the rest of the year old and here's the weird thing about sears but he invented online shopping if you think about it sears in and boards invented online shopping that is they just read it in a catalogue and you send away way ada came to you in the mail yet and in wards and i worked for montgomerie word actually back in the in the nineties in there in there corporate office had been marketing and visual for them and it to think about this there catalog company started in eighteen 72 claire hey but they didn't.

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