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Newscast is on the air and remember. Nothing. Nothing bad ever happens during the sunshine lollipops and rainbow newscast and I and John Land Decker Your Sunshine Lollipop. And Rainbow News. Anchor. Yeah. Okay? Mm hmm. You know, at a wedding? A lot of people use, uh use they enjoy For our girls, right flower girl who comes down the aisle. Well. This couple used what was called a beer boy broke my heart. The groom named Brendan, who goes by the name at the camp on Tick tock. Sharing a clip of his friend walking barefoot down the aisle, wearing a summer shirt, shorts and beer bucket around his neck filled with flower flower petals and cans. How about this? The man casually alternated between throwing pink and red flower pedals over people's heads in the crowd and chucking beers. Uh, just a quick uh, fact. The first Spiderman comics sold for $3.6 million. There you go. Moving right along. Remember the movie True Grit with John Wayne 1969? Well, The Colorado ranch from that movie is now for sale for a whopping 10.95 million. I mean to kill you in one minute, Ned or CEO. Hang in Fort Smith. Judge Parker's convenience. Where'd you look? B? I call that bold talk for one eyed fat man. The owner as carefully preserved three iconic buildings featured in the motion picture by constructing a modern cabin and a guarded distance. Okay, whatever that means. It's 374 acres. Uh, and the main livable property was newly built in 2019 and measures over 6000 square feet with five bedrooms and seven bathrooms. Pilgrim. All right. Now who doesn't like athletic feats? I know I like athletic feats. I've got some pretty athletic feats They can run pretty fast and Australian athlete broke a Guinness world record when he held the abdominal plant position. For nine hours, 30 minutes and one second. You know how that plank is? How that works. You just Support yourself. You support your Yeah. You get arms and your uniform and your and your forearms and your ankles and then you have to stay that way. And so he did it for What did I say? Nine hours, 30 minutes and one second. Uh, Daniel Shaw took on the record in Adelaide and had to be the time of eight hours 15 minutes and 15 seconds, which was set by George Hood of the United States in February. 2020. Well, apparently, 2020 and 2021 are the year of the plank. Oh, man. He says it was a full head to toe experience of constant pain. My feet were numb. My knees were burning. My thighs were burning. My left arm felt like it was on fire. But It was all worth it in the end. Another brief story here for Afghans arrive in the US with measles. All think some flights. Apparently, they didn't get back to the did moving right along. A Texas Parks Rock art trail. Featuring 24,459 painted Pebbles was awarded the Guinness World Record for the largest display of painted pebbles and bamm exactly right and wants to help Daddy with intense steak. Exactly Okay, driving in Bam! You know if you're going to do pebbles aren't you going to do Bam, Bam! Come on. Grapevine Parks and Recreation, said the Power Park Rock Art Trail. Which was started as a pandemic project. Was examined by Guinness Wednesday declared new record holder. The 24,459 painted rocks. Took the record from a Hinckley, England English group that displayed 8542 painted pebbles in July. 2019. The Illinois state police. Send a visitor to the Illinois state Fair was reunited with unusual piece of lost property, their dentures. A fair go, er flagged down troopers. Over a set of abandoned Trumpers to use his words. Found in the conservation world area of the fair. No. There's no Explanation of how this guy lost his dentures. Maybe on a ride or something? I don't know. But he really appreciate it. He really appreciated what the police did and said he is now there. Indentured servant. In ventured. Ventured, Uh, Wolf. Dude, Wolf ventured deserve it. Hmm. Okay, This is a little Several Austin, Texas, Several Austin area funeral home in bombers. Say it's common practice for human blood. From corpses down the drain. They procedure that Austin water officials admit they were unaware was occurring. And one that could compromise the treatment of wastewater entering the Colorado River. A funeral home says that if a family chooses to embalm I loved one All the blood and body fluids mixed with embalming liquid that come out of the remains referred to by embalmers as drainage. Go down the common sink..

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