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Our broadcast is going to deal with faith healers, specifically, the failure of faith healing with stories from people who have been sort of under the hand of the faith healer in came away and wanted to share what had happened to them. I'm also going to talk to a guy who went to exorcist Bob Larson's service. You've seen the Bob Larsen videos on YouTube. Right. He's got these people who are like growling like animals and come out demon. And they're like. No, come out. I come in to you. And it's just the stuff of parody. But he's playing it real. He's playing it for real. And I'm gonna talk to a guy who was a turtle poser who went in and acted like he was infected with demon and got it on video. So he's an atheist. He doesn't believe in demons. But he went in there when I came out in these gotta store he's going to talk about this ridiculous experience with Bob Larsen. It's going to be wildly entertaining. It's coming up next Tuesday. Okay. All right. Let's get underway with today's conversation. This is one I've been looking forward to for a while as we talk to actor and humanist John Delancey, his stage, film and television credits. Go back to nineteen seventy five he's been on everything. Of course, we probably best know him as q from Star Trek. The next generation. Just a quick smattering of some of the stuff he's done over the past forty five years starting back in the seventies. And kind of moving forward he had parts in television series. Like police story the six million dollar man battle star galactica emergency mini series. Like the thornbirds. He was in macgyver it apart in the television series. L A law. He was featured in the Terry Gilliam masterpiece. The film called the Fisher king was also in a movie called the hand that rocks. The cradle, of course. Next generation deep space nine Voyager, the Star Trek franchise from two thousand one to two thousand and two he played Colonel Frank Simmons on Stargate s g one he's been featured on judging Amy played Dr e and of course, he had a pivotal role in breaking bad. We're going to talk about that. He does a lot of acting for video games and some great ones to interstate seventy six assassin's creed starcraft to Nova covert ops world of warcraft, legion way too many credits to fully mention here. But the guy has been around and lately he has been a vocal proponent of humanism, speaking out against anti-science and speaking in support of science reason evidence rationality and this often crazy world, and he joins me for a conversation today. John Delancey to pleasure to have you back. Thanks for being here. Thank you mind. We spoke a couple of years ago. And of course, we talked about the usual stuff. I'm sure somebody who does as many interviews as you. Do you hear the same types of questions? I'm going to try to steer clear of a lot of that John. You know, what was your motivation? But I want to talk a little a little show business. I want to talk a little bit about your craft. I want to talk about your long pretty amazing career. But I also wanna talk about the humanist in you and just life stuff the stuff that everyday people are dealing with all the time. I I though my speak about adventures you're having is that on the Pacific Ocean. Is that correct? Oh, yes. A couple of years. I took a trip or have a sailboat, and I went from Ventura, California to the markes which is south of the equator and the to a motives, and then ended up in in the society islands which include Hedy, and Brian ya and places like that. And and. Then a park the boat and then came back a year later or less than that eight months or so later after hurricane season and then brought it back up with a with a young man who had actually never sailed before. So and we had some ventures. So that was a long trip arduous trip back to Ventura. I've been watching though, the sort of you, call them diaries journal entries from the Nepenthes. Well, you know, what my I had so many people ask me about it. And you know, I couldn't be I have to say I've never read them after I wrote them just like I never watch any of the stuff that I've done..

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