The 'Cancelling' of Laura Osnes and Nathan Johnson


Would happen? What began this canceling of Laura osnes and Nathan Johnson? Yeah, it kind of happened overnight. I was, as you said, very blessed to have several years of success in New York City. And I do not take that for granted. I loved every second of it. My Broadway dream came true. And I got to live that dream for several years. And I'm really grateful. But all of it kind of flipped overnight. I had agreed to do this was last summer 2021. I had agreed to do a one night concert. A benefit concert as a favor for a friend. And all of a sudden, the venue for the concert, this is on Long Island, was mandating the COVID vaccine. And reached out to me. It's hard to process this or at least it's hard. It's hard for me not to interrupt my guess when they say something like that because I live in New York and the madness, we never have to stop talking about this. The lunacy. I mean, it's just, it's extreme. I've written about different periods in history, and I never dreamt that in the United States. I would bump up against this kind of stuff. And during this COVID stuff, I've never seen such, you know, what do you call it? Stupidity, just like tremendous stupidity, you know, and you just think, this makes no sense. And we all have to kind of comply or we were bullied into complying or we had to push back or whatever. So it's kind of an amazing thing that they're telling you, yeah. If you want to perform here, you got all these accolades, but you need to get that shot. And that's another subject, but you're telling me that this was in the middle of 2021. Yes, this was summer of 2021. This was actually before a lot of the public mandates came about and probably September. You know what I mean? Things started to mandate around then, and to be honest, the theater industry still mandates, equity, the actors equity union, still requires all actors on the stage to be triple X or quadruple vax, even though the audience doesn't have to be. I don't know if you know this, but Fran Drescher just came out. Wonderful wonderful video saying like, you know, I'm vaccinated, but she was disgusted by what we're talking about. This idea that everyone in the industry you want to work, you know, you've worked your whole life to get to this point, but now you need to get this experimental injection. Hey, maybe it'll kill you, but at least you'll have a job

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