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Come on on on top of the radio Jamie and Dennis, we were will be We using the platform that we're testing out today will be streaming on our face on the T K Facebook page on On Twitter on Michigan Twentyfourseven, YouTube channel and Kate, I Come, You watch coverage to coverage guests that are coming up that have already been locked in Greg's skeptic script. Nick Jared Irons jazz going to be on the guy's going to be calling the game on Fox. Gus Johnson will be on the show is world too. Zoltan Masco Biggs is going to be on. Well, obviously get a history less from Greg. Duly. He'll be on a cz. Well, John, John Navarre is going to be on with me. We get the Sklar brothers as well to you've got Jumbo Elliott, Mark Mesner joining out with you. And Johnny Wings. And of course, I can't have any Friday without blade on as well, to sew you back and drink his coffee with blade on. We just sit back and listen. Exactly. It would be a good time. Yeah, well, the one thing J J. R. J J talked about it. You have the question. Just what you wanted to see it. It sounds like just a continuation of what you saw last Saturday. And really, just two things. If you see some field goals and beast out in the run game, you know your sound. It sounds like you could have everything that you absolutely wanted. In this game. A continuation kicks a field goals play better against the Ron boom. I agree. 734 1918 50 Let's Goto Hadley. Today. He is something else isn't Jamie. You've got tio. Yeah. You gotta tell us football story. I was gonna bring it up with J J beat me to the bunch. So, Gina, my jammies on you Tell us a bedtime story on Friday. You will hear the story. I'll even have bedtimes. I'll even have bedtime music ready to go for two. How about that? That would be great if wars in his first weigh in and what transpired. All right. I'll be ready when Michigan blanket everything and the but I was gonna tell you, Jamie. When you won Dave and I call in from save us, you can't say. And let's go today from Chiba. Let's Goto Handley from Chiba from now on said, but I'm going. You got to say now let's go to Hedley from a long bath. Columbus alone. Bad Okay, Columbus. Got it, Columba. Only I would I would do it like you do at the end of the show, Columbia I got you. All right, guys, We are officially today. 18 hours 41 minutes. Who's coming Who's coming? You got a class? On the official on the official Connor and the angle Bloom. Night. Down to that ready to go, Jamie. We want we want to kick but we You know, we want all those players to say. Who's your daddy? Who's your daddy? Carry Paul Bunyan around. Stadium like Michigan State. I don't want a close game I wantto but like you've never seen me with. But, um, state before. You know, just really irks me What Tucker had to say about us. You know, I want to just put it in his face. They who? Who are you? Who are you? Do it. You gotta do it. Totally agree. Look, I look as Dennis pointed out, most people want what they saw that the same thing they saw last week, but improved. That's what I'm looking for. You need to have improvement in your first week to your second week is the biggest improvement for the season, according to Bo Shin backlit, so that being said, I want to see this. Team run better. I want to see this team passed better. I want to see pass blocking. I want to see run blocking. I want to see tackling that you the way it should be. I don't want to see them running up the middle. Honest, I want to see I d. I thought our defensive backs were great. But I still want better. I want them to play better so that being said, I pretty much want to shut him down. I want them to know when they walk in the stadium. That's all they're going to do at the end there gonna walk back out. Exactly. I got I got Jamie, You're getting riled up, man. You get going Ready to run out with my shirt. Take my shirt off and run around the yard, tucked his shirt in that guy's Assan. Hoskins gets caught from behind because his shirt wasn't tempted. Tuck your shirt in, Put it in, Put it in your pants. Of and And Dennis. I like I like, did you? Ah, you switched over from your phone to a microphone. Now that your song a lot better. Mansour's work where he tested something out. Yeah, that's good feedback. Thanks. Hadley really appreciate that. Yeah, well, now Jamie doesn't have to, you know, Shout over you any day. You want to make a point, Davey? Think Alright, in go. No. Now, Dennis, I just great. I don't know. No in 11, get my 110.92 are uneven. Even way now. No, you can shout over each other in new cut each other off the power of the Internet. The power of the Internet is finest. I love you and I get to see that they do when I could see him drinking his coffee, You know, having a good time, So I'm all for looking at what? That little small pot missing Any other first French press that right there is, though. Just make me mad. That's about the size of my traveler. My goodness, I got the water wings. You know the big boy big hot size right there. You being there and and everyone be able to see it on Friday, no doubt about it. Yeah. And yours got on today. I didn't recognize your voice. But this new microphone, but so already also real quick, Dennis Last week you said you were giving out. You wanted us to do I believe are five most present coaches in Michigan. Did you do something like that, or you were going to.

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