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For this is up system principal in Staten Island put this in new Dorp sign up Facebook and well I I guarantee before the day's out she will not have a job yeah and remember she's being investigated now but but the people who are hired by the henchmen Carranza who is yeah the alleged chancellor quitting left and right who was hired by him she was talking about of the exact opposite she was talking about how it's white people and it's it's it's she was the one talking about white privilege and the white kids and it she made the comment if I had a poor if I had a poor white kid or a middle class black kid I would spend more time on the little class black kids what that was okay to say I was bused out racism and also Carranza in addition to you know the dead to a practicing racism against the Asian American poor Asian Americans he also he also said as much that blacks aren't able to pass the stringent special schools test he said the blacks can't do it so we have to help them which is what which is complete racism even Jamadi Williams said don't say that crap I passed the test yet and the reason what but that the but what he doesn't say is the reason they were having problems passing the test is because your system was failing schools sorry thank you yes indeed he had said should you know what's coming up next be Browning B. Bernie yet the last week you were five for five you are now twenty four added twenty five that's right no press and I'm perusing somebody's questions now that lets us save it I'm not I'm just saying like what date is Christmas come on I'll take it you know that at any other burning said she'll come and.

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